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Thursday 25 January 2018

Owen Armstrong returning? "It could still happen" says Ian Puleston-Davies

Ian Puleston-Davies, who played Owen Armstrong in Coronation Street, has said again that he thinks Owen Armstrong should return to Coronation Street.

In an interview with TV Times, Ian talks about the current Phelan and Anna storyline in Corrie. He says: "Debbie Rush who plays Anna still blames me for leaving and breaking up the family! She loves switching into Anna mode and giving me a good telling off. We became great mates and had such a laugh filming together.”

Asked if Owen had still been a part of Weatherfield, did Ian think he would have sorted out Phelan?, Ian replied:  “Oh yes! People are always asking me when I’m going to go back in and finish him off. I would have liked the two of them to have had a final showdown on the cobbles, a High Noon encounter! Owen needs to come down from Aberdeen and sort him out once and for all. It could still happen!”

Ian is appearing in Vera on ITV this Sunday.  And he's going back to Canada too to film the second series of Tin Star with Tim Roth. Tin Star is fantastic, I really enjoyed watching the first series and am excited to hear there'll be a second.

Ian says: "We film in the Rockies and it’s stunning and such an exciting thing to be part of, but I get very homesick and I’ll miss my family like mad. Apparently it’s minus 30 degrees there right now. I need to go to M & S and stock up on thermals!”

See Ian in Vera, ITV, Sunday Jan 28th, 8pm

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Cobblestone said...

We keep asking ourselves who it will be to finally bring down Phelan. Michael, Andy and Luke have all come to dust; we’ve wondered about Todd, or Kevin or Daniel but that all came to nothing (lucky escape there, Dan!); we still wonder if Gary, or Anna, or Nichola could still pull it off; will it end up being Seb, or Tim (who put himself right in Phelan’s path last night)? Or Eileen herself (although her doubts seem to be currently assuaged, the daft cow!) Or is the privilege going to belong to a vengeful Steph? If it should turn out to be a returning Owen Armstrong, I’d be perfectly happy with that ... just so long as someone tears down that bastion of snug malevolence sooner rather than later!

Humpty Dumpty said...

They will wring Phelan's storyline out as long as it's getting good feed-back from an audience which only watches the actor and isn't too bothered about the rubbish plot ie: social media. Connor McIntyre is holding this storyline together one-handed. Anna's solicitor can lodge an appeal against conviction within 28 days on the basis that it was unsafe. Time enough surely for Rosie to remember Phelan's visit to the office.

C in Canada said...

I would love to see Owen the bully come back and put paid to Phelan the murderer, then he and Anna could go off into the sunset.

If Ian is headed to the Rockies at this time of year, I would suggest definitely stocking up on the best thermals he can get, plus a good Canada Goose coat! (one of the best warmest coats you'll ever find!)

It's so weird for us in Canada watching CS and seeing no snow on the ground there even in January.

Anonymous said...

I think Рhelan will finally die by being savaged to death by Eccles the dog! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giggle ANON 21:02

Anonymous said...

Eccles is getting old, eating anything that tough might do him in!

Diane said...

She's as tough as old boot, our Eccles

Anonymous said...

Рrobably slavered to death by Eccles :)


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