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Thursday 18 January 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Wed 17 Jan, 8.30pm

Anna says she is "terrified as to what he might do next." Who is she referring to? Phelan, of course. 

Phelan now sits at the Police Station which is now used as a location every single episode, in fact more than The Kabin. Phelan slings mud at Anna and implies the allegation has come from her. 

Shona is being a brilliant friend to Eva. I love her. As a character, she is earthy and real and I like the fact she is so well written and played. 

Craig won't leave Bethany in the studio mock up, I mean dance club. Her name may be Madison in the club, and even though this storyline explores how hurt Bethany is, it feels like it would belong in an American soap. 

Fiz's two kids have turned into Brides of Chucky, as one of them has cut up Sean's smalls. Is one of them lying? Will he get his knickers stitched in time? 

Craig bumps into Sarah and asks if everything is okay. Hardly Miss Marple, eh? Check her wardrobe and the fact she has cash in her pocket. 

Eva's guilt is getting the better of her. She has lied about being pregnant, and now she really is preggers. 

Meanwhile, Phelan is back home. Eileen questions him, and he labels the "racist toe rags" he says are responsible. Her machine gun approach to questions gives him the idea that she suspects something. He raises his voice and evil Pat is back. Eileen stupidly admits she has been through his things. Cards close to your chest? Nope, blurt it all out. And she goes even further, saying that she visited Anna. Eileen? What the...?

Phelan's face is like thunder, and Eileen is all apologetic and to be honest, daft. Who is this woman? Phelan then leaves the house, and Eileen is left feeling more guilty than he does. 

Gary rings Seb, in another daft move. Are people lining up victims for Phelan to pick off? Why not stick him on the Orient Express? 

Ty worries what Ruby might do next. She might cut up bras or put jelly in Ty's slippers. But, she won't turn into Regan from The Exorcist. Talking of which, Simon keeps getting that starey Damien Omen face he gets when he is about to rebel. 

Gary tells Seb he has told the police. Seb explains why he is so scared of him. Gary pins him up against a Streetcar and tells him like it is. You feel that this storyline is gathering pace now and will be closed soon. 

Craig boomerangs his way back to Burlesque land and Bethany is annoyed. Craig declares his love for her and accepts her day job, begrudgingly. 

Eva is feeling lost, and needs a sister. But everyone is too busy wrapped up in Battersby drama land. Toyah is on one, convinced that Peter is lying about more than a couple of swigs of voddy. 

Phelan declares that he will move out. Anna, meanwhile has to get ready for the trial. Will Seb turn up and get dry mouth, or will he divulge everything. Seb is worried though that Phelan will hunt him down. He is Freddy Krueger like, so you get his point. 

Even so, you want to shout "Go on Seb, tell em", at the gogglebox. 

Glenn Meads

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Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but I have a hard timing believing that the owner of the lap-dancing club wants two police officers hanging around - surely that would scare away most of her clientele?

Anonymous said...

You may be surprised to know the Police are some of their best customers.

Anonymous said...

Have to disagree about Shona. She doesn't know Eva from Adam. Her and Eva have only recently spoken to each other, so how on earth can she be classed as a friend? Dislike this character immensely, I hope she doesn't last too long.


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