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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 17 Jan

Wednesday 17th January
GARY POINTS THE ACCUSING FINGER AT PHELAN Anna calls Gary from prison and tells him that Eileen has taken Phelan’s side again and her only hope is Seb. Having been tipped off by Nicola, Gary finds Abi and Seb in a caf√©. Gary implores Seb to help Anna but Seb’s scared witless and reveals that Phelan killed Luke and he’s worried he could be next. Stunned Gary reports Phelan to the police for the murder of Luke. Eileen’s suspicions are reignited as the police take Phelan in for questioning.
EVA’S SHOCK TURNS TO HORROR Toyah confides in Eva that she’s not just angry about the vodka, but Peter’s been acting strangely for weeks and she reckons he’s hiding something. Meanwhile Eva goes for a dating scan. She’s in shock as she tells Shona that she’s 17 weeks pregnant but who is the daddy?
BETHANY BREAKS CRAIG’S HEART ALL OVER AGAIN Craig calls at the lap dancing club and interrupts Bethany mid-dance, telling her that he’s reached a decision
ELSEWHERE As Billy works with his physio he’s told he can go home tomorrow, Billy’s sad he’s nothing to go home to. Eileen reveals that Todd’s been in touch with Jason to say he and Summer are fine. As Sean hands over the lingerie samples to Aidan, he’s horrified to see they’ve been deliberately damaged. Hope tells Sean that Ruby was responsible. Simon’s sorry not sorry.

Wednesday 17th January
GARY IS DRIVEN TO DESPERATE MEASURES The police question Phelan who lies that he was alone at No.11 when Luke was shot. Back at home Phelan tells Eileen it was just a routine enquiry. Relieved, Eileen confesses she had her fears as Seb told her he murdered Luke. She admits searching for a gun and going to see Anna in prison. Phelan’s furious. Having summoned Seb, Gary locks him in Tim’s cab, imploring him to testify at Anna’s hearing and tell the court the truth about Phelan. Will Seb agree?
EVA STRUGGLES WITH HER SECRET Eva confides in Shona that she’s not sure she’s ready for a baby. Eva calls in the pub with the intention of sharing her news with Leanne but Simon’s behaviour proves too much of a distraction.
CRAIG CAN’T LIVE WITH OR WITHOUT BETHANY As Craig leaves the club, worried Bethany makes him promise not to breathe a word to her family. Sarah confides in Craig that she’s worried about Bethany. Craig suppresses the urge to tell her the truth but assures Sarah he’ll look after her.
ELSEWHERE When Tyrone finds out about Sean’s ruined samples, he demands to know what’s going on. Hope blames Ruby who denies any involvement. Tyrone confides in Sean that this is just the latest incident involving Ruby and he’s at his wit’s end.
Smarting over Eileen’s lack of trust, Phelan suggests he’ll move into Billy’s flat so a convalescing Billy can stay with Eileen. Eileen asks Adam and Eva to help with Billy’s care till he’s mobile. Adam agrees through gritted teeth.

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Anonymous said...

How come Eva and Shona are suddenly so pally pally? As far as I recall, they've never had anything to do with one another previously.

PLEASE END THIS PHELAN FARCE SOON! Sick of the sight of his face and Eileen's sour mush.

Seen enough of Craig and Bethany now too. Stupid storyline. A bit fat "AS IF".

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would Eileen ask Adam and Eva to help care for Billy? Is there no type of home care available in the U.K.? If Billy is in a wheelchair how on earth would he manage the stairs at Eileens?

Anonymous said...

I think it's Hope who Tyrone should be concerned about as I suspect she's the one causing the trouble not Ruby who's the scapegoat[perhaps another racist storyline?].
As for Eileen,the only way she'll see the truth about Phelan if he tries to murder her!

Diane said...

Prob live in Seans old bedroom. Wasnt Sean on the main floors front room? We never see it off the hallway but theres a window outside for it

M in Toronto said...

Given that it’s Eileen, possibly not even


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