Tuesday, 30 January 2018

New Co-op and Costa - Will it kill the Kabin and ruin Roy's Rolls?

News in today that there's going to be a Co-op store in Coronation Street when the new set is revealed, along with a Costa Coffee means that fans have been wondering what it all could mean. You can read more on the news here.

We've been seeing the Co-op bags on the show for a while now, and I was wondering what was going on. Will the Co-op mean no more visits to or mentions of Freshco?  That in itself is not such a bad thing, and I'm a big fan of the Co-op so I welcome that change.

But what it could mean is that the Kabin will suffer if everyone starts buying their bits and bobs at the new store instead. And what of Dev's corner shop, that will probably suffer too, unless Dev comes up with a novel way to save the Alahan empire from collapse.

And what about the news that there's going to be a Costa Coffee on the Street?  Again, product placement has been on the show a little while. It'll be in direct competition with Roy's Rolls who does a fine line in coffees - well, they offer black or white.  Will Roy manage to compete with Costa's millionaire shortbread and a skinny frothy latte double d cup to go?

It's going to be an interesting change to Coronation Street's dynamics and one that'll be intriguing to see play out on screen.

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C in Canada said...

Well there's already a brand name florist on the street - Interflora I think.
Sounds like brands are trying to cash in on the CS success. Although I think it makes a show more realistic when they show brands that people recognize.

Anonymous said...

I know it makes money for ITV but I really dislike it. Plus in reality Roy's Café, the Kabin and Dev's would all be struggling if these shops opened around the corner (not sure how far the precinct is supposed to be from Corrie Street). I know I'm a grumpy old man - but it doesn't feel right.

Anonymous said...

If the idea is to show name brands that people recognize, then shouldn't the writers break the bubble that the residents seem to live under by having characters reference real life news such as Prince Harry's upcoming wedding as well?
Otherwise it seems like cheap product placement and I don't like the idea of Roy losing business in his café or Norris closing the Kabin as storylines.

Maricha said...

Unless the show thinks this deal won't last shouldn't these new businesses be owned by the present Corrie business people. Aren't these franchises? What's to stop Roy from buying one to modernize his café, for example? Dev had the gym, it could have easily been turned into a fast food chain restaurant.

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