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Monday 22 January 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 22 Jan

Monday 22nd January 
BETHANY WON’T LIFT A HAND TO HELP GARY Gary follows Bethany as she enters a lap dancing club and is horrified to realise Bethany and her mate work there as dancers. Gary tries to drag Bethany out of the club but making out she’s never seen Gary before, Bethany summons security. The bouncer moves in on Gary.
ANNA HAS MIXED FORTUNES IN COURT The trial continues and Roy is called as a witness. He gives Anna a glowing character reference but is forced to admit that she did slap Seb in the café. In the cab office, Eileen sees some CCTV footage of Gary and Tim apparently threatening Seb. Will Eileen take the evidence to the police?
TOYAH’S DEALT ANOTHER BLOW Eva finds Toyah in floods of tears. Toyah reveals that Jacqui the surrogate has lost the baby. Eva guiltily thinks about her own baby.
ELSEWHERE Gemma excitedly makes party plans for Henry. Billy busies himself helping out at the community centre but suddenly wracked with pain he collapses on the floor.

Monday 22nd January 
ANNA FACES THE MOMENT OF TRUTH When Tim is called as a witness he’s forced to admit that he and Gary encouraged Seb to change his story, Anna’s heart sinks whilst Phelan looks like the cat who’s got the cream. As the judge sums up the case what will be the verdict?
SARAH DISCOVERS BETHANY’S SECRET When Craig’s called to a fracas at the lap dancing club he’s appalled to see that Gary’s been beaten up. Craig takes Bethany home, where devoid of any shame, she tells Sarah she’s been working as a lap dancer and Gary came into the club and tried to grope her. Horrified Sarah heads to the hospital. When Gary explains Bethany set him up with her mate and then framed him for assault will Sarah accept this?
TOYAH KEEPS MUM TO PROTECT PETER As Peter addresses his alcoholics’ group, Toyah slips in at the back, hoping for a quiet word. However when Peter describes how thrilled he is about their baby and how it’s going to change his life, will her resolve weaken?
ELSEWHERE Gemma throws Henry a Newton & Ridley themed surprise party in the Rovers. Henry is genuinely touched and dons the sailor costume with pride.
Adam finds Billy on the community centre floor, clearly in a lot of pain. Masking his delight, Adam helps him back into his wheelchair, telling Billy he can get his hands on some stronger painkillers. Billy tells Eileen he’s taken a call from Todd as meeting him and Summer tomorrow then they are all going away together.

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Antiphon said...

That will obviously mean a rotten exit for Anna. I won't be watching it I'm afraid.

Humpty Dumpty said...

We've been promised lots of twists and turns with Phelan's storyline aka 'we're making this up as we go along'. Nothing is as it appears. I've read the police are hiding an injured, but not dead, Luke while they build a case against Phelan. Some claim that's why his body hasn't been released. Nicola begs Phelan for forgiveness so Anna probably does get convicted. More evidence is possibly yet to emerge: Luke reappears after Dean Fagan finishes his play; Rosie's information about Phelan's visit finally comes out; recovery of Andy and Vinnie's bodies, both shot with the same gun as the one used on Luke. Anna could be sent down but released eventually much in the way Deirdre was. Can we believe actors when they say they're leaving Corrie, making it sound as though it's permanent? Corrie management seems to like tricking an audience who have got wise to the ways of soap producers. Wait for the headlines: 'Viewers are stunned ....' Nobody on this blog will be.

Anonymous said...

Jeanine said...............
I agree with you Humpty Dumpty I found it rather strange that the police had not released the body for burial so I'm sure that something is up and considering that the actor is appearing in a stage play right now maybe that's how they are going to play it - either that or it's just a great hoax on all of us.
What worries me also is Eva's baby problems. Because she is leaving the show and Toyah's surrogate mother loosing the baby, I really hope they don't write it as Eva giving the baby to Toyah to keep and then goes and lives with her mother in France, thereby leaving the show but with an option to return later. Aidan is leaving the show also but I doubt he would leave the factory now that Carla has lent him the money. So he'll probably be another Phelan victim. Whichever way it plays out will be misery.

Anonymous said...

Jeanine,I doubt Eva can give her baby to Toyah without the father's permission whoever he may be.If Adam is the father it will be weird seeing Peter raise his nephew's child?!
Sadly the dramatic grooming storyline portraying Bethany as the victim as gone for naught as she's become a tart lying and framing Gary for a crime he didn't commit.
Sarah is to blame for all of this for her bad examples she set over the years with her need for men and manipulations.
If Sarah believes Bethany's lies then she's no better than her daughter.


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