Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Corrie's testicular cancer story could save this fan's life

There's a very moving story in The Manchester Evening News that came via Corrie fan Emily Wray on Twitter this week.

Corrie fan Emily tweeted her thanks to ITV Coronation Street for Robert's testicular cancer storyline after it led her husband to have a potentially life-threatening lump removed.

Pic: Emily Wray

Shortly after Robert Preston’s testicular cancer story aired at the end of last year Emily's husband Scott Wray did a self check and ended up finding a lump. He was sent for an ultrasound and referred to a specialist and the ultrasound revealed a small tumour. Scott underwent surgery to remove the tumour at the weekend and he’s currently waiting to have a CT scan in the next couple days to check if it has spread.

Pic: Emily Wray via twitter

Emily told the MEN: “The lump was in a spot that he wouldn’t have ever noticed unless he was checking. He had no other symptoms. His doctor has repeatedly said that he’s very lucky Coronation Street made him check because it’s likely that it was found early enough. We absolutely love Coronation Street. This situation has definitely made us love and appreciate that show on a more personal level.”

Scott underwent an orchiectomy - surgery done to remove one or both testicles to treat or prevent testicular cancer - on Saturday.

Emily added: “It would be amazing if sharing Scott’s story could help someone else, awareness is so important.”

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