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Thursday 25 January 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 24th Jan 2018 7.30pm

Welcome to part one of tonight's Coronation Street blog episode review. Its the 4th 'Hump Day' of 2018 so let's leap into the action on our favourite fictional street.

Following Gary's altercation in the lap-dancing club, tonight's episode sees the wounded Windass warrior back on fine form. Exiting swiftly from Weatherfield General, Gary arrives back on Coronation Street and dishes out advice to Faye, divulges Anna's ABH / GBH charge with Kevin, and broodily reignites his relationship with Sarah!. You'd think Sarah would be more concerned with her underage daughter's seedy strip job but hey, that's Sarah for you, she's rather deluded - bless her. How with Bethany take this reconciliation?.

My other favourite 'machiavellian macho man' of Coronation Street, is also back on top form. Phelan is looking very busy indeed. As Aidan chases him for the factory roof job, a proposal of a site managers job down at the (murder) mill is also in the offing. Will Phelan evade justice or is this the start of his downfall?.

As Alya still mourns Phelan's most recent murder (where is Seb by the way), Aidan is side-stepped after bumping into a mournful Maria in Roys Rolls. Its a bump of another kind though, as a text from Eva encourages Aidan's true feelings. Unfortunately, his meeting with Maria is relayed back to Eva (via Peter Barlow) and Eva's ambiguity for a baby Connor is reborn.

Will the baby survive the factory step fall, and how will a grieving Toyah react to her half-sister's news?.

Adam Barlow is all out for revenge with pills for Billy the Vicar. With Eileen's good news of Todd's return, she reluctantly helps Billy plan an escape with Summer and Todd, so she drives him to meet his 'daughter' and her son. Upon arriving, however, it's clear that Todd is a no-show. As Summer delivers a heartfelt and harrowing monologue, it appears Todd has already gone on the run, after punching a PC!!. What now for Billy and Summer?.

Meanwhile, Adam manages to gain entrance to Eileen's and swaps Billys painkillers for paracetamol, will Billy notice as his pain increases?. There was no doping Dev whom wouldn't prescribe enough tablets to Adam but what about his other half, Gina?. Busy with new orders for her business venture, will she collect her bi-polar prescription in time?
It was jam-packed tonight so I almost forget to mention Tracy Barlows birthday!. Steve has got her flowers and a trip to Paris. Young Amy however, isn't happy that she that her parents have reunited and she wants a new phone!!. Kids today eh!

Anyway, that's me done for another week. I'm off to listen to some Leonard Cohen tunes with Peter Barlow.


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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm getting fed up with some characters. Gary forever using his fists is beginning to grate. Grown-up Toyah must be one of the most annoying characters ever. I don't see her pain when she takes Eva to the hospital or asks the nurse intrusive questions just someone who doesn't know when to back off. But I realise for plot purposes we needed to know the baby was a girl so she can be referred to as Suzie Barlow/Connor/Battersby/other. Billy is another one... I did like Brian and OTT Gina, and Dev apparently not noticing anything unusual. For once, Brian wasn't the weird one and he was fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

I'm fed up with Phelan and his blinkered wife. Also Billy and Summer. All four of these can go. Since Todd is no longer there (which is shameful, they didn't need to sack him, there is absolutely no point to Eileen or Billy or Summer.

Diane said...

Eva and Toyah arent half sisters. Toyah and Leanne are step sisters. Leanne and Eva are half sisters. So Eva is Toyahs step sisters half sister. But actually nothing to eachother. Lol my brain hurts

Anonymous said...

I missed both Wednesday episodes, so can anyone help me understand the following:

"[Gary] divulges Anna's ABH / GBH charge with Kevin" Doesn't Kevin already know about the charges?

"Will the baby survive the factory step fall" I take it Eva fell down the factory stairs, but when? how? Does Toyah react to news of the fall? to news of Eva's pregnancy? Both?

"There was no doping Dev whom wouldn't prescribe enough tablets to Adam" Since when does Dev's shop sell pharmaceuticals? Or does this mean that there was no fooling Dev about the identity of the person who prescribed tablets to Adam? But isn't it Billy's prescription? I'm confused!


Shells said...

Anonymous - you're right to be confused. It probably should say that Gary and Kevin DISCUSSED Anna's sentence, not divulged. And Dev didn't prescribe any pills - Dev just sold Adam 2 bottles of plain old, over the counter paracetamol (eg Tylenol) and told him that it is illegal for him to sell more than 2 at a time to a customer. Adam replaced Billy's prescription painkillers with paracetamol tablets, but Adam didn't have enough to replace it all. Also, it should be there was no duping Dev, not doping Dev, unless Adam was trying to drug Dev ;-D .

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shells, that helps a lot!


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