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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 17th Jan 2018 7.30pm

Welcome to your first visit to this weeks Wednesday Corrie blog double!.

Tonight begins with Anna residing in the cells at HMP Norcross. Secretly talking to Gary on her smuggled phone, Anna is still trying to pull strings on Coronation Street and persuades Gary to track down Seb. However, with the warden discovering Anna's phone, and her trial imminent, will Anna be staying in the cells a bit longer?

With Gary on hot pursuit (ably assisted by an off-screen Nicola), it isn't long before he tracks down Abbie & Seb in a greasy spoon café . As Gary pleads for Anna and for answers, Seb reveals that he knows Phelan killed Luke. Gary goes straight to Weatherfield police and Seb goes on the run.

Back on Coronation Street, Toyah is suspicious of Carla's return and the effect it's having on Peter. Clearly hiding his attempted murder of Billy, Peter confides in Adam and he is quickly discouraged from divulging his secrets. Adam however, clearly has other intentions for the damaged vicar. Speaking of which, Billy's recovery is going well and Eileen has heard from Todd. It's good news! but how long will this good news last?. As Eva grapples with her pregnancy news, and with her sisters otherwise engaged, it falls on new confidante Shona to give her a shoulder to cry on. How long before Aidan finds out about the patter of tiny Connor feet?.

Meanwhile, Phelan is smug the factory roofing job is back in his hands, so the good news keeps rolling in for Eileen. No good news for Sean though as he has a disaster with his knickers sample and Craig splits from Bethany. Giving Gary more grief, Bethany has blocked Sarah's calls to him as some kind of revenge. Gary, having told the police about Phelan, lays it on to Tim about the whereabouts of Seb. Revisiting Anna in prison, Tim and Gary reveal all and a concerned Anna tell them they need to find Seb before Phelan does!.

With Phelan carted off by the police, will he have time to find Seb, or is it game over for our favourite scouse serial killer?.

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That's me done for another week, I'm off to ruin some more of Sean's samples!.


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