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Monday 29 January 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 29th January

Eva's crawled in from her pre-termination night on the town, Meanwhile, Peter's still working on the attic conversion for the baby. Shona lets it slip about the abortion and Toyah hot-foots it to the clinic to persuade Eva to give up her baby to Toyah and Peter, an idea that makes zero sense. Jacqui comes to visit Toyah and Toyah has the perfect opportunity to tell Peter the truth. Instead she makes up some nonsense about Jacqui going to Duabi until after the baby is born. Why don't they just tell Peter and Leanne that Jacqui lost the baby but they're going to adopt Eva's baby instead? Then it wouldn't be a soap opera, I guess.

I still assume that this is going to be Eva and Aidan's exit storyline, either she won't be able to bear seeing her baby with Toyah and Peter and will just leave, OR she'll steal the baby and run off with him/her, plus Aidan.

 Faye's worried about what her school pals are saying about Anna on Snapchat, Whatsapp, and even Instagram (@FayesMumsInTheBigHouseLol) and wants to move away, far from them and from Pat. This leads to an altercation between Faye and Eileen in the cab office and Tim dismisses Eileen for defending her husband. Not sure that's a sackable offence, Timothy! And didn't she buy shares in the taxi firm some years ago? He agrees to take Faye away to stay with his dad for a while. Meanwhile, Nicola is suspicious as to why her dad undercut the other builder for the job at the Mill and sends in a mole - our Gary. She persuades Phelan to take on his nemesis (or one of them) by saying that Gary needs to provide for the upcoming baby. Does the probation service not offer good maternity pay? Does Nicola even work there anymore?

Kate is back from Devon, wearing.... the hide of Sam the Eagle from the Muppets? Letting herself into the flat, she finds Alya in a deep state of depression. Zeedan and Rana pop 'round and it's bare awks between Rana and Kate. So later, when Sophie, ignoring the dead-bird coat, asks her out, she (after first turning her down) takes her up on the idea.

Josh the new mechanic is in the pub being eyed up by Maria, along with Tyrone and Zee, who agree to take part in the charity boxing match. I'm with David, seems pretty dangerous for amateurs to be boxing. However, Maria's been to boxercise so thinks she can take on....Shona, who is a bit green-eyed re: Dave's relationship with the cobbles crimper. I know Maria's dallied with most of the men on the street, but I doubt she'd lower herself to Platt Jnr (I say this as David's no.1 fan). Anyway, Josh goads David into joining in the fight with some sexist remarks about Shona, who doesn't want David to fight because of his epilepsy, wearing the trousers in the household. I guess this is the start of what is going to be an upsetting storyline.

Carla is sleeping in, which leads Roy to nag her about her health and telling the Connor clan about her condition, advice that she totally ignores. She does listen to Toyah, who apologises for throwing her out of the pub and tells her she's unbarred. I'm sure that's a weight off her mind. Aidan thanks Carla profusely for the money she's putting into the nouveau factory, telling her: "If there's ever anything I can do for you." Well, now that you mention it....

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Louby said...

Toyah and Peter's surrogate baby was theirs biologically wasn't it? So yes, replacing it with another and keeping that secret does make zero sense.

Jan said...

How on earth do they think they can get away with it? ( I know they won't and it's just a ridiculous soap storyline!) If Eva is sent away and has the baby in secret (like something from the first half of last century) how is Toyah going to get it with out Peter knowing? Is she going to say she's just off to Dubai to pick up the baby from Jacqui without him???!!!

Shells said...

So, per this lie, Toyah and Peter will need to complete an international adoption. In the meantime, Toyah would need to secretly complete real paperwork with Eva and Peter would have no custody at all. Makes no sense.

Clearly the writers are leading us to a breakup, and possibly hinting at a Peter and Leanne reunion. While Toyah focuses on Carla, last night featured Peter and Leanne's natural chemistry and their 2 kids.


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