Thursday, 25 January 2018

The truth about the kitchen in The Rovers Return

There's an awful lot of rubbish being printed online today about the kitchen at The Rovers Return on Coronation Street.

Headlines such as these today...

BIRTH OF HOTPOTS Coronation Street’s secret Rovers Return kitchen finally revealed
(The Sun)

REVEALED! Coronation Street viewers finally get to see the mysterious Rovers kitchen 
(The Mirror)

.. are being repeated all over the internet. And why? Because last night we had a scene set in the kitchen at The Rovers Return. 

Here's the kitchen back in the day when Alec Gilroy worked in the pub.

Admittedly, we don't see the kitchen at The Rovers as much as we see other parts of the pub, but we do see it regularly enough to know that it's there. It's not exactly mysterious and it's hardly secret, is it? And we have seen it more often than the tabloids report - forty years since we've seen it, they're saying today. No, I don't think so.

That's why this Coronation Street fan is so amused - and confused - that the tabloids are choosing to write about it. Have I missed something, here? 

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Tvor said...

Favourite scene ever took place in the kitchen. Alex had to squash Boris the Mexican mouse eating spider with his hands behind his back so the inspector in this photo couldn't see it!

Cobblestone said...
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Cobblestone said...

Me too, Tvor. The Health Inspector was played by a friend of mine, Bernie Latham, who went on to play a major character in Hollyoaks; he told me he still considers that scene, with lovely Roy Barraclogh & the spider, the highlight of his career. Pure classic Corrie comedy gold!

C in Canada said...

Yes, I know I've seen the Rover's kitchen before - I think it was watching Liz make toast and tea, and it was years ago.

Fluttershy said...

There used to be an upstairs lounge in the Rover's - I recall Steve and Karen and Steve and Becky having all their dramas there. I thin/assume there was a kitchen area too. This used to be the "domestic" area of the pub, with the back room being a sort of staff room. They haven't used the upstairs set for years now, and the downstairs set seems to have become the main domestic area. I can recall seeing the downstairs kitchen a few years ago (I think Michelle was making a cup of tea) and being disappointed because I'd imagined something a bit more commercial and less domestic.

And did anyone catch Peter's line the other night about building a loft conversion at the Rovers?

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