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Saturday 27 January 2018

Carla's Return - how is it going so far?

I loved Carla. When the news came out that she was going, I thought that one of Coronation Street’s very best characters was leaving and that she would be missed terribly. Her couldn’t care less what you think of me attitude, quite rare in women, was so brilliantly expressed in Carla as she clicked down the cobbles in her heels, her car keys jangling in her hand. As is so often the case though, I adjusted, as we all do. Her absence was nowhere near as unbearable as I’d feared. Various storylines were absorbing, involving various excellent actors and Carla was almost forgotten.

Then we heard she was coming back. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to see her and learn what she had been up to. The spoilers before her onscreen return suggested that Carla was coming back to Weatherfield with a secret. Ooh what could that be? I was really keen to find out and did wonder too, if Carla might have realised that her heart belonged to Peter.

When it was revealed that Carla had kidney disease, I was so disappointed that this was her ‘secret’ – which is not to say I have no humanity. Of course, it’s sad when a person has a serious disease, especially when that person is not old, as in Carla’s case.

Obviously, a serious disease affects a person deeply. They’ll be more anxious, more aware of their mortality and worried as to whether the disease will seriously curtail their life expectancy.

But, despite a couple of emotional scenes with Roy, to my mind, Carla has not been the Carla I remember. (Except for the time in The Rovers when she hurled insults at Peter). That may change. She’s older now, and though maturity doesn’t necessarily accompany age, maybe with Carla, age and experience has softened her. Maybe now she’s not so sparky, not quite so dynamic and energetic. But since when has she been so concerned about family? Is it her illness that’s done that? She feels alone and needs the support of family? Maybe she wants one of their kidneys.

And what of her feud with Tracy? Never to be best mates, we could at least be treated to a few cruel, spiteful comments, from both women. Have they just got bored with goading and attacking each other? Well, nothing stays the same, so we might just have to accept that one of the best enmities in soap is now over.

What is in wait for Carla is an affair with Daniel. Yes, with Daniel, Daniel Osbourne. Surely this will affect Peter, and let’s not forget Sinead. We saw Daniel and Carla interact on Sinead and Chesney’s wedding day. Carla told Daniel that he should do something to stop the wedding. In the end he didn’t need to as Chesney did that for him, and it was Carla who brought the news to Daniel that the wedding did not go ahead.

I cannot help but think that Carla and Daniel are ill-matched. But then who am I, or anybody else, to pronounce? It’s their business as two consenting adults. I don’t believe it will be long before we see the affair played out and all its repercussions. Perhaps it's Carla holding on, literally, to youth.

I’m a little disappointed that we don’t have the Carla of old, but have to accept that we grow, change, and develop. We’re seeing a gentler, more feeling, more sensitive Carla and hopefully, with the sublime acting skills of Alison King, we’ll like this incarnation of Carla just as much as we did the original.

It’s taken her realisation that she is not immortal to crack open her carapace and expose the more vulnerable side of Carla Connor.

By Ruth Owen, @ruth1722 

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Anonymous said...

Refuse to watch a talented actress thrown into a ridiculous storyline like that. At least they might try to pick a more plausible character for her to have a fling with than Daniel. How long did the writers take to come up with this fiasco? 2 minutes?

Anonymous said...

It's like she's never been away!

Carla and Daniel's fling will be brief. Carla is in a situation that she really doesn't want to be in. She is coping with her illness the Carla way and obviously, it's not going to help her in the long run. She's afraid of facing up to how ill she is and it's all about finding a way to escape the reality of life. Daniel is appealing to her because she can see how lost he is too. She just wants to cheer him up and take her own mind off what is happening to her - is that so wrong? I don't think so. They have more in common than a lot of couples who are thrown together!

I'm looking forward to seeing jealous Peter.

Flo said...

I think we will see the old Carla once the whole illness situation is taken care of. Think how you would feel if you were told it was a matter of life or death? As someone who has had a bad health issue at one point, it certainly takes the wind out of your sails. At least she isn't cowering to Tracy like she was before she left.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Kate Oates adores the old carnation of Carla and I'm pretty sure you will unveil itself once she settles in more And her kidney is dealt with

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Not impressed so far. Was never a Carla fan and I doubt I ever will be.

abbyk said...

I agree. As far as Carla knows, she is dying. This is one last fling while she still can. Had there been a better selection of men, perhaps she would have chosen differently, but there aren’t and their introduction at the Bistro was charming (oh, you’re that Daniel). As far as Peter goes, his new zen master persona won’t let him throw punches. If he kicks off, all Carla need do is remind him his partner is his ex-wife’s sister, and that she the ex is living with them, and she’ll do it with panache.

Once the miracle workers at Wethy Gen fix Carla’s woes, I’m sure it will end. I hope he remains her special friend, however, as that means we’ll get more scenes with top talent.

Where's Emily?? said...

I don't know...Daniel and Carla. Not meant to last, but a bit of "fun" a break away from being ill? Can't understand why they always want to go it alone
I don't know how I feel about a softer gentler Carla...not really her nature is it?
would love to see her meet a guy on her own level and get back to the firecracker that she is. NO MORE character least until she gets a kidney transplant (Maybe that's why Tracy is leaving her alone..the sisterhood of the kidneytransplants!!

Rapunzel said...

Alison King is such an exceptionally strong actress that it must be difficult to pair Carla up with characters played by actors who, through no fault of their own, pale in her shadow. Roy is a great match, as was Tony Gordon. And Peter absolutely was. But in her scene with many others, I’ve often felt as though she pulls her punches.

Rob Mallard is in a similar situation. He has played a blinder on a number of occasions but risks losing heart unless he is regularly matched with other equally strong actors.

Re-enter Alison King. And voila the possibly perfect pairing

So, while I’m fairly meh about the Daniel/Carla storyline, I am looking forward to seeing these two actors in action.

Nina said...

I just don't like Carla at all. She always thinks she knows best. I can't find any sympathy for her despite her illness.


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