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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Qasim Akhtar interview: Zeedan discovers Rana's affair

Before Rana confesses, how does Zeedan feel that his and Rana’s relationship is going?
Zeedan has felt like it is been like any normal relationship; they’ve been getting on, nothing out of the ordinary. He has no suspicions at all. 

What happens when Zeedan finds Rana at the house?
Zeedan and Rana come in from Luke’s funeral so emotions are running high. Zeedan walks in and Rana is sat down, crying her eyes out on the sofa. Zeedan assumes it’s to do with Luke so he sits down to comfort her, telling her that they can all cry and be sad together. But Rana starts to talk about how much of a bad person she is, and he starts to say, “What are you talking about? What’s wrong?” She tells him that she is in love with somebody else. 

What is Zeedan’s reaction when she says those words?
Shock. And if anything he’s feeling disbelief; he doesn’t believe it at the beginning and he is trying to get his head around it. Rana doesn’t tell him who it is. 

Tell us what happens when Zeedan goes through Rana’s things.
Zeedan goes through Rana’s coat pockets and bag and finds this love note that has the Bistro post-it note logo on it so he automatically assumes that it’s from the Bistro so it must be Robert. He flies in to the Bistro and gets in to a scruff with Robert. He wants to beat him up. 

How does Zeedan feel when he suspects it is Robert who is having the affair with Rana?
He feels betrayed because this is someone who he has worked with closely in the kitchen for a long time. They have shared a lot of fun moments, a lot of good times and Robert is someone that Zeedan looks up to. Robert is someone that Zeedan would never expect to do something like this so, again, this is why Zeedan is so shocked when he thinks it is Robert.

How would Zeedan feel if he found out it was Kate?
He has no suspicions that it is a woman. It would be another blow to the chest and it would make things ten times worse!

Zeedan tries to drown his sorrows with a bottle of whiskey, has he ever drunk before?
No he has never had a drink before because it is against his religious beliefs and he doesn’t drink. But he gets to this point in his life where he feels like he has done the right thing his whole life and nothing seems to be working out for him so he decides to see what it is all about. He goes down the wrong path like a lot of people would do in his shoes. 

Is this a sign that Zeedan is at breaking point?
He’s been through so much in his life that some people could say that this will push him over the edge but the type of person that he is this also could make him stronger.

Rana’s affair aside, do you think that Zeedan and Rana were ever a good match?
I’m going to say no because when they first got together he just fancied her, he didn’t know much about her personality, what she was like, what kind of person she was... Rana was his sister’s friend who had just come from university. Everything happened so quickly and they got married because Zeedan wanted to do everything right. Zeedan may blame himself now because of that and he may cut Rana some slack because he will blame himself and take that on the chin... 

What was your reaction when you read these storylines?
I was excited. It’s always good to get your teeth in to a big storyline and I have really enjoyed filming these scenes. The emotional scenes were tough because, to get myself in to that emotional state, I had to really put my thought into that and imagine that I was in that position to really get the full emotion out of it. It was a good test of experience to be able to play that field, I’ve never done something like that before. 

What advice would you give Zeedan?
Move on, brother! There’s plenty more fish in the sea! No, realistically I would say time is a healer, everything takes time and he is not going to be okay straight away, he has to crack on with life. 

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Shells said...

If Zee is turning to drink, then hopefully he will better understand when Alya had sex with Jason when she was grieving and hopeless. He disowned her for a long time for that mistake, but now he'll know where her head was at.


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