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Tuesday 16 January 2018

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Jan 22 -26

Without any piffle, here are the storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 22 January to Friday 26 January 2018

Toyah in baby turmoil, Gemma throws party for Henry, Anna in court, Bethany’s secret is out, newcomer Josh starts working at the garage and Nicola has Phelan in her sights.

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Antiphon said...

I have decided that I am no longer going to watch Coronation Street after having done so for a number of years. From what I have read online it seems very much as though Anna will be found guilty and Phelan will win again. I hate that man and his evil ways and it has turned what was once an entertaining programme with unforgettable characters many years ago into one of pure nastiness. I wish everyone else enjoyment from it.

Antiphon said...

I plan to complain to Ofcom about the whole Phelan storyline, which appears to condone murder and the exploitation of an innocent woman. This is totally unacceptable and has completely destroyed any remaining credibility Corrie had, which had in any case been declining for some time.

Antiphon said...

I maybe also write to Debbie Rush through her agent to tell her that her character of Anna deserved a far better exit for a fundamentally decent woman and to express the hope that she may consider returning briefly to Coronation Street at some point so that Anna's innocence may be established.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Can't say I'm surprised. The programme is losing previously faithful fans by the truckload. I'll miss your posts Antiphon.

Anonymous said...

If this is Anna's exit storyline... then yes this royally sucks. Especially if both Seb and Phelan are soon going to bite the big one, which means that nobody will be left to prove her innocence.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the above comments and am appalled that poor Anna will be in jail for a crime she didn't commit.So much for another 'Free the Weatherfield One storyline.
I am also appalled that both Bethany's lapdancing storyline[why on earth would Audrey and Gail be in a lap dancing club?!]and David's male rape storyline going on at the same time and worse his rapist will be employed by Kevin who I doubt will show any sympathy to David after what happened to Anna.
It's no longer the Coronation Street I remember bur now 'Sleazy Street' where evil prevails over good.

vintgal003 said...

ummmm....interesting comments above.... I most unfortunately have left Corrie months ago....after a 30+ yr. viewership.....Loved the humour and the strong characters that brought me to the show back in the 80's..... Little humour anymore....dark storylines....male rape, lap dancing, non-stop villain drama, a swinging door of recycled cast members, non-stop pregnancy storylines, unbelievable cast couples that just don't work.....I am sad to say this...the world is dark enough these days...and in my opinion Corrie has been brought into that darkness....sad.....

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder about the mind of Kate Oates who considers this litany of crimes to be entertainment. I would certainly not want to have dinner with her. I hope that after she leaves the street, whatever projects she undertakes will not make it across the pond to North America. Highly unlikely as we tend to buy only the best of British programming. Sadly Corrie does not qualify in that regard anymore.

maggie muggins said...

I'm not surprised, but I am saddened to see the growing number of Corrie fans either not watching any more, or sticking with it but having a really hard time with the growing amount of violence, lack of character depth and little humour and lightness of daily life on the show these days. I still watch, patiently waiting for someone there to wake up to our feelings and thoughtful words, not what's on twitter.

In my many years on the internet, I have always tried to temper anything negative I say with a balance of positivity. I can no longer do that with the Street as it is now. Tonight in Canada we got the Luke murder episode. I maintain that those making the decision to put scenes like this into the show just don't like Coronation Street and its history. They might like American TV, thinking it's the epitome of cool or something. I haven't watched US TV drama for years, not one show since the MASH and Roseanne eras.

I feel bad for the dedicated caretakers of this blog, who may be feeling the brunt of a lot of our anger and disappointment. Please know it's not aimed at you, or this blog. I noticed that over a dozen comments have disappeared from the weekly update from 13 January. I hope this is not how things will have to be here from now on. I didn't see any comments that day that broke any rules, but I could be wrong, Even so, why delete all the comments. mine among them?

M in Toronto said...

I couldn’t agree more. I am also in Canada and l actually turned the channel during the scenes depicting Luke’s murder. I found that l was annoyed at feeling the need to do so.The person at whom l wished to address that
annoyance is Kate Oates. Watching Coronation Street has become more of an historically based obligation rather than something l look forward to seeing.
The show has become little more than a disjointed series of “shock” occurrences thrown at the audience in rapid and unrelenting succession. There is no sense of continuity or storytelling. Characters have total personality changes in order to serve the needs of the plot. It should be the other way around.
As other bloggers have pointed out, there is surely a “to do” list and Kate Oates is running amok trying to get through it as soon as possible. Hmmm... haven’t done a male rape storyline yet...uh,who can we give that about David...good, that one’s Such a hot mess!
Sorry for ranting on but l am watching a good friend wither before my eyes and l feel helpless.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):

I'm glad to see the comments from Canadian viewers about Luke's death--there was not a lot of comment on the blog when the scenes originally appeared in the U.K. But the manner of Luke's death really underlines (to me anyways) the current, relentless sensationalizing of the storylines. Kill him as one of Phelan's victims, sure. But why, why, did the writers have to emphasize that he was burnt alive, while trying desperately to escape? You really can't have a more horrible death than that. And in real life accidents and deaths, it is always a great comfort to survivors to know that their loved one went quickly.

So WHY? Killing Luke that way was just gratuitous. And that's the trouble with sensationalized storylines. It's like an addiction--viewers get used to it, so you have always have to be ramping it up another notch to make the same impact.So it's not enough that he's murdered by Phelan (itself a highly unlikely occurrence that was not prepared for or integrated into any sort of story arc); no, he has to be murdered in a particularly grisly way after a high speed chase. After a while, you just run out of ways to shock the viewer.

. enough that my disgruntled husband has to escape elsewhere

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comments, I have watched and enjoyed Corrie since a teenager I have felt for a few months now that I might give up on it as its so frustrating and almost unbelievable story lines .

Anonymous said...

I think a 'Kate Oates Out!' —Äetition is needed in order to save our show before it's cancelled due to only 5 viewers and a dog watching!


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