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Saturday 30 December 2017

Corrie weekly update - Happy New Year?

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Greetings and welcome to another week of words from Weatherfield. Here’s wishing every single one of you a very Happy New Year! And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update which is short because I didn’t enjoy this week’s Corrie at all. Too many plot holes, too many characters changing personality, too many hospital scenes.  Here’s to 2018 and all that it may bring us Corrie fans, whether we want it or not.

It’s David Platt’s birthday and Shona gives him an umbrella, ella, ella. 

Carla Connor returns with her cheekbones blazing but her glass of red oddly empty. Is she pregnant? No! On a diet? No! Prepare yourself for months of hospital scenes. She’s got kidney disease and Roy could be the one to save her.

Alya suffers racist abuse from the Parker Brothers at Showcase, the very people that she and Aidan are trying to do business with. The very people who could save Underworld.  There’s no denying that the Parker Brothers are a nasty piece of work in anyone’s world. 

Billy falls off a cliff top after Peter Barlow lets him loose from his car boot where he’s bundled him into in his grief at finding out Billy was in the car that killed Peter’s twin, Susan. Billy survives the fall and there’s lots of hospital scenes which just about fair put me off my sprouts.  Added to Billy’s woes is a visit from Ken Barlow pretending to be Don Corleone, wrapped up in a duffel coat, whispering loudly about family secrets. Billy’s got more to worry about however when Peter rings Geraldine, Summer’s horrid grandma who determines to take Summer back home with her. But Todd’s done a runner with Summer (a hasty exit for Todd after actor Bruno Langley was sacked).

Adam tries to commit suicide as he comes to terms with the fact that Billy was in the car that killed his mum, Susan. Daniel finds him and saves him. 

Best storyline of the week for this Corrie fan has been Steve and Tracy getting back together, well, sort of. Amy’s not pleased about it, but I am, even if Steve makes eyes at his ex-wife Michelle in the Bistro while he’s supposed to be on a date with Tracy.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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This week’s writers were Debbie Oates (Christmas day); Susan Oudot (Boxing Day); Ella Greenhill (Wednesday); Ellen Taylor (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Anonymous said...

Jeanine in Atlanta says...............
I keep hoping that all this misery will finally end - unfortunately not. So I guess my only option of ending this misery is by not following our beloved Corrie st. anymore. The writers couldn't even give us a happy Carla return and New Year's Eve party. Instead they just turned it into more misery and crying. For the sake of Auld Lang Syne, wow.

abbyk said...

The plot holes are gaping, I agree, but the characters have been terrific. The Barlows and The Three Sisters have emerged with new energy and cohesion, and Eileen Grimshaw, with the most banal of hastily rewritten scripts, has been stellar. And Craig and Bethany finally got cozy on the couch. Sort of.

Mixed reactions for the Parker Bros, and Welcome Back, Carla. The handling of the racism and sexism was weak, but for once Aidan didn’t look like a total idiot. Alya was a firecracker when she first arrived and worked with Carla; I wonder if that spark can be reignited. I like the teatotalling that got tongues wagging and was thankful that if she had to have a horrible disease, she’ll be in the miracle working hands of Our Ladies of Wethy Gen. Really not looking forward to another protracted hospital story but will be curious to see if and how the disease changes Carla’s outlook. Just think, surviving a kidney transplant is something she’ll have in common with Tracy.

What was sorely missing was Faye’s reaction post Anna’s arrest. She’s a troubled kid with a dad capable of great insight. There shoulda been something. Plus it was Rosie’s birthday. We know David’s birthday is always a bust; this year we should have had a peek at the Metcalf/Webster’s goings on.

Not the best Corrie ever but it mostly got my eyes off of Candy Crush and onto the bigger screen.

Anonymous said...

I also would have preferred to see the Metcalfs\Webster clan too or even Chesney helping his son Joseph deal with his first Christmas without his mother rather than the Platts again!
Speaking of the Platts, the last time Sarah got drunk in the Rovers,she discovered she was pregnant with Callum's son Harry.
This year Sarah is again drunk in the Rovers[why wasn't she working or at home with her children?]and I wonder if she'll be pregnant with Gary's baby?


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