Sunday, 31 December 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for Dec. 25 - 29

Attitude win: Lily for giving Gary the "look", from her eyes, then pointing back at him. Beware, Windass! Superb!

Attitude Fail: Michelle was more affronted that Carla didn't tell her she was arriving than she was delighted at the surprise. Why is it always about Michelle? Because it just always is.

Not-Corrie-New-Year's Fail: One small scene in the pub on New Year's Eve and that was pre-party. Everything and everyone else was at the Bistro, even people like Audrey and Maria who you'd think would be at the pub with old friends. It felt very strange not seeing the countdown in the Rovers.

Birthday Fail award: Ever year we are reminded that it's David's birthday at Christmas but even this year with the Return of Rosie, we don't see her birthday celebrations.

Observation fail: Bethany saw the police car through the curtains but all of the other 6 Platts of various ages, standing about 10 feet from the cobbled street, completed missed it?

Defeating the purpose award: Gail, wearing noise cancelling headphones, singing out loud to her music.

Foreshadow award: Carla needs a transplant, best coming from one of her relatives. I have a bad feeling about this.

Godfather award: Ken coming over all Don Barlow Corleone with Billy in the hospital

Lines of the week:
Rita to Peter "I haven't retired from bad behaviour even if you have!"
Sarah "How has my daughter ended up with a good bloke. I tell you, she doesn't get it from me"
Geraldine to Eileen "you (as grandmother) were parachuted in on some PC Rainbow ticket"
Gail to Eileen "At the risk of sounding too Christmassy, Oh No She Isn't!" (re Nicola's whereabouts, NOT Australia)
Daniel "To think all those years I craved a family Christmas!"
Carla "I don't need a drink to have a good time" (who are you?)
Brian to Roy "Cathy has knocked your buns off the top spot"
Roy to Carla "I won't stand by and watch someone else I love die"
Roy "Carla.." Carla "Just don't tell me I'm being stupid" Roy "Will you stop finishing my sentences!"

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Anonymous said...

well, the observation award: Not being able to see something that someone else can.
About that. My mother can miss the best and brightest rainbow ever right outside - even sitting next to the window it can be best viewed from. Reason? watching telly.
As soon as I saw that, I related to it ;-)
If I hadn't seen the rainbow myself and taken a picture to prove it, she wouldn't have ever believed me!

abbyk said...

Cruel Irony Award: the Parker Brothers. Until 2009, Parker Brothers was a major American toy and game brand. There was no fun or games about the way they treated Alya.

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