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Sunday 17 December 2017

Five Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

Gail has been welcomed into the secret Platt society.  Last week I pointed out Sarah-Lou and David were sporting all-black Platt Family uniform.  It looks like Gail's got her outfit from the warehouse now; her leather jacket must be in the hall.  Perhaps they're ninjas.

Rosie Webster takes her intimate hygiene very seriously.  She casually inquired if Sinead had a soap for her "frou-frou", which I initially thought was a poodle, but she clarified that she was after a "downstairs perfume".  Rosie, the vagina is self-cleaning; shoving a bar of soap up there can be more harm than good.  Besides, who really wants a lavender-scented tuppence?

Michelle has a skewed moral compass.  Robert had barely finished telling her about the lost ten grand before she started planning a little insurance fraud.  She then expanded this to blackmail (of her cousin, no less), before relenting a slightly and making her apartment available for some lesbian-based adultery.  I hope she remembers all this the next time she sanctimoniously lectures someone about their failings (spoiler: she won't).

Sinead won't be invited back to the Jim Henson Workshop.  It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?  If I had to guess which of the cast would murder a load of Muppets and then turn their pelts into a coat I'd have gone with Tracy Barlow.  Look closely and you can still see Fozzie's bow tie dangling off the back.  Still, if it stops them from making any more films with Ricky Gervais it's a price worth paying.

Chesney's head must be made out of concrete.  Obviously it's harder to cause yourself an injury, but shouldn't Ches have had that wound looked at by a medical professional?  He was literally smashed in the face with a brick.  I wouldn't want to draw conclusions from this, but if you can take a head injury like that and not even black out, maybe there's not much brain in there to get damaged.  I'm surprised the show passed up the opportunity to send someone to hospital; this week we had both Anna and Seb going to Weatherfield General for the flimsiest of reasons.  Perhaps the set's being repainted.

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Jan said...

Chesney hitting himself with the brick was so badly done it was laugh out loud funny. Michelle robbing the Bistro was shake your head in disbelief at the stupidity of it. Are the viewers really meant to go along with out questioning these scenarios (among many others) that are so ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

With regards to Michelle,I hope Zeedan points out how he supported her when she was betrayed by Steve,stalked by Will and in return Michelle keeps quiet about his wife cheating on him!
I guess blood is thicker than friendship or water.

maggie muggins said...

I said it before, but it bears repeating - the worse that many of the show's scenarios get, the better our blog writers become! Soon, this place will become the #realCorrie, and the ITV one will be truly fake.
Laugh out loud funny, Scott. All of five of them!

Unknown said...

The storylines have hit a new bottom -- Michelle is annoying but she isn't this stupid. Sinead is just boring and nothing else. Chesney somehow has dumbed down and given over to the dark side -- hitting yourself with a brick to frame Daniel all in an attempt to keep Sinead is unbelievably stupid. And Weatherfield we know has the dumbest cops but prison guards, too? Anna had time to look out at the hallway and see the guard poring over some papers...then had time to go back into the room and get her coat and still sneaked Jim Macdonald then should be plotting an escape from prison.

maggie muggins said...

It's Panto Coronation Street! Oh, yes it is!

Tashacat said...

Haha! I agree with Maggie Muggins at 21.07. Scott's blogs are better entertainment than the show at the moment.


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