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Friday 29 December 2017

A Love Letter to Coronation Street

Dear Coronation Street,

I loved you from the very beginning. Back when the world was black and white. Before I was born actually, but I caught up.

As I learned more about you, you made me smile and cry in equal measure.

At times, you shocked me.

Seriously disappointed me.

Broke me.

Made me question whether I really loved you. I lost interest at times.


You taught me lessons about life.

And death.

You turned your back on me quite a few times.

But you always came back.

You reminded me of home. We're from similar sides of the track.

And you made me remember holidays past. Good times.

We’ve been through some ups and downs but I keep coming back. I hope you value my dedication. I know we can never really fully satisfy each other. And I'm sure you’ll probably be looking for someone younger now. But don’t forget about me. I’m still here. Remembering the good old days.

Here’s to rekindling our Corrie love in 2018.

(P.S. My friends keep telling me to end things with you. I never will). 


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M in Toronto said...

Thanks for so eloquently expressing what l and, l am sure, so many others have been feeling for some time. I have been watching Coronation Street since l was a child and, as such, it is a part of my context. I feel quite protective of the soul of Corrie. I have grown both physically and as a person since l began watching. I don’t look the same, dress the same or, in many ways, act the same as l did back then. However, my soul/the essence of who l am is unchanged. Modernize the show, make the stories current so as to attract new viewers but, please, leave the soul of the show alone!!!

maggie muggins said...

Beautifully written blog-post, Steve! You're much more diplomatic than me, but I think you describe in a positive way what so many feel. Ooh, I think I have something in my eye.

M in TO, I like what you wrote too. Wonderfully metaphoric. Gosh, I hope the ITV people read this stuff/

Unknown said...

Brilliant! This blogger is more loyal than me tho. I have tried to watch it again. It's just like Eastenders these days so I have finally given up on it! Don't know who most of the characters are anymore, and it stopped making me laugh. Sad but true. I miss the gentle humour and the mundane stuff. Phelan has killed my love!

dhvinyl said...

You’ve given it up Rebecca and yet you still read and contribute to these fine blogs...and reply! So really you haven’t, have you?!

But like you, my patience has been sorely tested by story lines that are so dark and out of character that they become farcical,
However just last night I felt the possibility that a ray or two of hope may be shining. Roy and Carla, Brian and Cathy, Steve and Michelle (again), plus Tim and Sally and Norris and Rita, with the right approach from what must a hugely frustrated bunch of writers, particularly those with pedigree, could bring back the heart of Coronation Street. Let’s hope so..2017 has been Wetherfield’s Annus horribilis.

Anonymous said...

Jeanine in Atlanta said.............
Cheers to all the comments above. Our only little sliver of hope is that maybe, just maybe TPTB read these comments from the viewers and the bloggers and say "wait a minute - what are we doing wrong?" One can only hope.

SuzInToronno said...

That was lovely :>)


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