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Thursday 14 December 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Michelle's real son returns?

Remember Alex Neeson? He was Michelle's real son, as opposed to her fake son, Ryan Connor. 

You can find out more about Michelle's fake son and real son here.

Confused?  I always was.  And now it looks as if Michelle's real son is returning to Coronation Street.

A story in The Sunday People a couple of weeks ago completely passed us by as it's not online (that I could find). But Corrie fan Lou sent us the clipping by email and we can confirm that The Sunday People did indeed run the spoiler.

The Sunday People say that Michelle is in for a shock when she finds out that Alex - now calling himself Ali - is on work placement in the medical centre on Coronation Street.

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sunday People: "Ali settles himself in Weatherfield and seems happy to make friends with everyone else but gives his mum the cold shoulder. It looks like he might have an ulterior motive. Is Michelle set for more heartbreak?"

There is no information yet on whether the original actor Dario Coates is returning to play Alex or if a new actor has been cast.

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njblas said...

What a surprise! I thought this incredibly unpopular storyline had been whitewashed from Corrie history for ever. And we really, really need more focus on Michelle. There was even one episode recently which (shock horror) she wasn't in. Can't have that happen again:)

Anonymous said...

Last thing I want to watch is more whining Michelle. We need a break from this incredibly annoying character.

Scott Willison said...

This plotline being completely forgotten has long been a bugbear of mine; Alex went off to Ireland and never came back. I'd always assumed that Michelle and Ryan had murdered him and buried him in a field somewhere outside Donegal. The only downside of its resurrection is that it means more Michelle.

C in Canada said...

I'd completely forgotten the name of her real son. Didn't really care though.

Unknown said...

Agree with Anon. We need happy Michelle, not crying Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Yes and he goes by Ali, having converted to Islam he then goes off to fight for ISIS.

Christine in Canada said...

Nooooooooo...not this silliness again! This story line was ridiculous when it first aired and then dropped as if it never happened. You never hear Michelle talk about her 'real' son Alex, come to think of it...when was the last time she spoke about Ryan??? you would have thought at least one of them would have shown up (or been mentioned) when she and Steve lost the baby.

It would be such a change of pace to see a happy..smiling..laughing Michelle on screen. Instead all we are treated to is angry, crying, yelling, screeching, arm folding Michelle. When i see her come on screen i give a moan and automatically reach for the remote to either fast forward or turn the volume down.

Dear writters..give us viewers a break..enough of Michelle! Let someone else have some screen time - we really..really really do not need to see her in every show!

popcorn said...

"Is Michelle set for more heartbreak?"
Never mind Michelle, how about the agony for us, the poor viewers? I don't think I can bear another minute of Michelle's long face, or of her whining!

Maricha said...

Ah, no! The son she raised was a cokehead and now this one is such a ninny that he shortens Alex to Ali instead of just plain Al? I hope Anonymous at 14:55 isn't on to something and Ali isn't coming from/going to Isis territory via a backstreet.

Sue said...

As I have missed a few years has Michelle got 2 sons. Have only heard occasionally mentioned Ryan

Maricha said...

It was discovered that the son Michelle raised wasn't hers biologically and had been switched at birth with this Alex. She and her biological son tried to get close but that never got very far unless I'm mistaken but because of that she does have two sons now.

Louby said...

Totally agree with Christine! I had thought that they had decided to try to forget that the Alex thing ever happened!

Characters returning seems to have been quite common lately, like they look back through old scripts and see which characters left but didn't die,and could they be brought back? Rather than invent some good new ones, or, heaven forbid, develop the characters already in the show.

JennyMac said...

Not MORE misery for the miserable Michelle. Is that girl ever happy ? Corrie is becoming Sighing Street, since that is all everyone does !

Lily Bigfield said...

Or maybe he has to be called Ali as we already have another Alex on the Street now?

Laura said...

To be fair Ryan was mentioned when Ruari died. He sent a bear to be included with the other things in the casket before it was cremated.

Can't believe they might be bringing this character back. Agree that we need a break from Michelle's character for a while.

Anonymous said...

Can we please have less of Michelle I find the character awful, and now we have Carla back to add to the woes & plus Kate who moans. I would write out the whole Connor family apart from Johnny & Jenny. I stopped watching Emmerdale because it became the Dingle Family show and now Corrie is the Connor Family show. Please can we have a bit of humour back I stopped watching EastEnders because it was so depressing & Corrie is going the same way, and I have watched it from the very first episode but don't think I will watch much more if it doesn't get its act together

Catsmom said...

I'm confused about which son is Michelle's and not interested enough to figure it out. Whoever it was, why would his only reaction to his mother's divorce, marriage, divorce, marriage, miscarriage, etc be to send a stuffed bear? Maybe he just isn't that close to her?


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