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Thursday 21 December 2017

A Christmas Carol

It would appear Carol Vorderman has been reading my blogs. Or at least subconsciously agreeing with them. I’ve commented recently on the negative direction Corrie has been headed in terms of it's hard-hitting storylines as we approach Christmas. It’s all doom and gloom. The day-to-day interaction between characters still has that Corrie wit and touch of comedy, but the dark, serious storylines that have been building up over the autumn and into winter, are threatening to turn us all off.

Adventurer, TV presenter and Countdown legend Carol has been clearly thinking the same, and took to Twitter earlier to make her Corrie Christmas wish public:

I actually think generally Coronation Street is very good at the moment. Although I am in agreement with Carol about Mary's recent troubles. I wasn't completely convinced by them and I really miss happy, scatty Mary. There are some great storylines bubbling away nicely though, and a great deal of wonderful acting, especially from the likes of Connor McIntyre who plays villain Pat Phelan. Producer Kate Oates isn’t against embracing Corrie’s past by bringing back old characters or tying up loose ends from the distant past. But high drama needs to be balanced with that for which we all love Coronation Street – it’s comedy, and it’s heart. Perhaps we can all send some positive festive thoughts towards Media City, where Corrie is made. And make Carol’s Christmas wish our own.


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Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't mind dramatic storylines, even explosive ones. Now and again, and when they're believable. I can't help feeling there's a new fashion at Corrie of writing on the hoof which sometimes lands us with ridiculous storylines. In other words, there are no story arcs, just a load of potential storylines that end up working or not working. Two good actors playing Peter and Toyah and even they can't make a go of their silly situation. The writers realised they'd struck gold with Connor McIntyre so Phelan's storyline twists and turns without any respect for reality. He's a psychopath only because they hadn't worked out his motivations, Andy's got Stockholm Syndrome so he doesn't shout up to Eileen for help. If he'd done the obvious thing, they couldn't have stretched the storyline even further. Almost every episode has a scene with the police or a doctor. Corrie is trying to do too much and ends up doing almost nothing very well.

Anonymous said...

I am actually baffled as to how you can think Corrie is good at the moment.

C in Canada said...

Too right, I miss Eccentric Mary, and can't wait to see the back of Phelan!

Anonymous said...

J in Atlanta says...
I agree with Anon 18:42 - Corrie is terrible right now - they are trying so hard to get something good going that nothing "good" gets going. Rather than write a storyline for a character, they write a storyline and change the character to comply. Most viewers aren't buying it and it's amazing how certain events "just happen". NOT. I don' think there is enough space in this comment box to start naming all of the implausible events that we are supposed to believe week after week.


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