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Sunday 31 December 2017

Coronation Street - 5 New Year Resolutions it should keep

Resolution 1

Carla and Roy are the best thing about Corrie right now. It is beautiful to see two people who are not related and not lovers, yet have enormous love and respect for each other. Don’t make the relationship smooth running, let’s have plenty of conflict (in fairness, Carla’s return has started well) and writers, please accentuate how both need each other and let us witness true altruism at work.

Resolution 2

Wrap up quickly the Chesney, Daniel, Sinead love triangle. There is hope this may happen as it is rumoured that Carla and Daniel (!) will have a passionate love affair, though make it brief please as long term it doesn’t bode well. Peter, Daniel, maybe Adam too? That is surely enough Barlow for any woman. Ken next? Sorry, sorry, shouldn’t even have mentioned it…

Resolution 3
And so to Fiz – Jennie McAlpine is a great actor but she is being desperately under-used. Also, her current life has no joy in it. Give the woman a break. If she’s not berating Tyrone for overspending or staying longer than his allotted half hour in The Rovers, she’s comforting her brother, Chesney. She should lighten up and act her age. How can she be so ground down? She appears to live the life of a middle aged person in the 1950s rather than someone 2017  in her thirties. Yes, she has responsibilities but that doesn’t mean that you should give up and become a shrew.

Resolution 4
When the wonderful Steph comes back, give her plenty of air time. She is a consummate actor and as yet, her talent has not been fully employed. Maybe she could be a woman on a mission, with a burning ambition. Give her some fun too and please do not immediately link her with a love interest or make her pregnant. Bring in her brother, Luke and let them have an argument over some past/present family difficulty, where brother resents sister and vice versa. That would make for good viewing. It would also mirror aspects of real life sibling relationships.

Resolution 5
And now for a general plea in the new year. Please resolve to have more conversations, perhaps between people you wouldn’t ordinarily put together. Let’s have more humour, more misunderstandings, more gossip. Please resolve to have fewer really dramatic moments. No more falling off cliffs, no more murders, no more crazy coincidences when discoveries that someone else contributed to a death over a decade ago and by utter and complete chance landed in Weatherfield, a small town by anyone’s measure, which just happens to be where the relatives of the dead person abide.

                  A heartfelt thank you!

Happy 2018 to all wonderful Coronation Street Blog readers and to all amazing bloggers.

I hope it’s the best one yet for all of you!
By Ruth Owen, Twitter @ruth1722

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abbyk said...

Yes, yes, yes. All that and give Gail a job and Yasmeen a story. Two talents that are going to waste.

Ruth owen said...

Agree completely Abby’s - 0n reflection, perhaps 20, 30 resolutions needed. We’ll see how these 5 pan out then think again.

Anonymous said...

Another resolution for the writers is to end the Phelan storyline once and for all with Phelan getting his comeuppance,Eileen eating humble pie and Anna getting her freedom and her life back.

Anonymous said...

Another would be to have no hospital scenes for....well at least a week but hoping for more

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree with everything, particularly about bringing unlikely characters together for a conversation. During Peter's absence, Steve became a surrogate son to Ken which worked really well. Can we have Ken delighted to pick up that friendship up again as light relief away from his offspring? Can Rosie do something useful with her life and train as a legal executive to assist Adam? Can we please not have any more pregnancies?

M in Toronto said...

Do you mean “not have any more pregnancies” after Eva’s? I believe l read that she is, very shortly, to discover that she is pregnant and, of course, is not sure who the father is!! All l could do is slowly shake my head and roll my eyes!

popcorn said...

Please, no more pregnancies after one-night stands!

And could someone, please, get an education?

Ruth owen said...

The pregnancy storylines always makes me think it's a very lazy way to drive a plot forward. I wonder if contraception is available in Weatherfield.

And yes, popcorn, someone should get an education. I was hoping that Craig would go to university but no luck, though maybe someone will - a mature student perhaps?


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