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Wednesday 27 December 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 27 Dec

Wednesday December 27th

ADAM HAS A TRICK UP HIS SLEEVE Eileen’s determined to find out more about Billy’s fall and why the Barlows summoned Geraldine. Unable to contain his emotions over his mum’s and bent on revenge, Adam visits his mum’s grave and vows to get justice for her.

ALYA DISCOVERS THE VILE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR NEW CLIENT Having convinced herself that the new clients Justin and Dale Parker won’t meet with her because she is a woman Alya is shocked to finally discover the real reason. As the meeting starts it becomes evident that they are racist as they make appalling digs about her religion. How will she react?

CARLA PROPOSITIONS ROBERT When Carla offers to pay off Robert’s debts, he’s furious to realise Michelle’s been discussing their financial problems and insists he doesn’t need her charity. Robert tears a strip off Michelle for blabbing to Carla about their private business. Having clocked their argument, Steve’s intrigued. Meanwhile Robert offers Daniel back his job at the bistro.

ELSEWHERE Toyah confides in Angie that she’s worried Peter might still have feelings for Carla. Angie urges her to ask him outright. Tracy tells Steve that Amy is going to have to accept their relationship whether she like it or not.

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Anonymous said...


Perplexed that Carla suddenly seems to have so much money--thought she blew it all gambling and had to call in Aidan to buy in to half of the factory. ??? And even if she did why would she be running around playing fairy godmother to everyone? Who offers distant cousins by marriage large sums of money unless they're millionaires? The Carla return has been a mishmash of tired cliches.

So bored with Corrie at the moment; the Phelan story line is the only one of any interest and that's just a question of waiting to see him get his comeuppance. But the other storylines, especially the Billy/Barlow one which is so badly done not to mention preposterous, are snooze fests.

Louby said...

I agree about the money, I thought she had gambled away the money she had. Did she sell her Victoria Court flat though? Even if she did, she'd still have a new place to pay for in Devon.

Kate and Aiden are her half siblings though.

I'm really hoping that Carla's return will see a lot more of Roy. And is anyone wondering that if she is pregnant, the dad will be someone we know?? Someone who left the street not long ago perhaps?

Anonymous said...

All the photos they keep showing of Adam's mum, isn't the same woman who played Susan Barlow.

Louby said...

The woman in the photo is the actress who played his mum for a few episodes before she was written out. But she's nothing like the 80s Susan who was short and blonde. Casting people obviously didn't see the need for realism!

Anonymous said...

Aidan isn't a distant cousin, he's Carla's half-brother. As for Michelle, yes she's a distant cousin, but she's also Carla's dearest best-friend, but they see each other as sisters. And, they're always there for each other. Carla did blow most of her money gambling, hence Aidan and eventually Johnny bailing her out, and helping to put factory back on track. In the eighteen months since Carla's been away, we're supposed to believe she hasn't been idle on the business-front, so has continued to make money off-screen,in Devon. As for the Phelan storyline,I'm just waiting for his misdeeds to be unconcerned, so we can get rid of him once and for all. He's been getting away with murder for far too long. Thought the Tony Gordon murdering Liam Connor storyline went on way too long, but this has surpassed everything, for over-stretch.

Anonymous said...

So....apparently Roy has been visiting Carla off screen and is the father of her baby...A wee girl they will christen 'Hayley'...

Diane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diane said...

Sorry. I brain farted. Reposting...

Ok. Everyones been talking about Carla being pregnant... I think she's terminal. Probably Cancer. Here's why:

1- her expression when Michelle mentioned Roberts cancer scare. She looked super uncomfortable

2- shes not drinking. If shes on meds to try and stay alive then she couldn't drink. In the bathroom she dumped the champagne and looked completely depressed. If she had a baby, she would at least look a bit happy. She even turned food away when Michelle offered... probably doesn't have an appetite. 

3. When Roy asks her "are you ok" and she replies "ya, I'm fine." Roy says "We both know that isn't the case." And urged her to talk to her family. It would make sense that the one person she would turn to for support would be Roy. Esp if its cancer. 

4. She's splashing whatever cash she's got to fix everyones problems. Looks like she's trying to waste her money while she can to do some good in the lives of her loved ones. She even offered Robert some money. 

It would be a huge surprise to viewers and the actors alike and would be greatly acted out. And we would see the deep friendship with Roy/Carla as he takes care of her.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

That would all make sense Diane....especially if Ali King hadn't wanted to come back permanently.

Anonymous said...

Excellent theory Diane. I'm in Canada, and we are 2 weeks behind, so I haven't seen Carla's return yet. (We just saw Anna hiding in Roy's flat last night, and Eva tells Aiden she will sell her flat and pink RangeRover)
I am a fan of Carla's, so hopefully she will make a miraculous recovery and not end up leaving the show permanently. But you're right, it would make for a good unexpected storyline, and your examples certainly do add-up. Good work Detective Diane! (A heck of a lot better than Eileen Grimshaw)

Diane said...

I read a few weeks back that Michelle gets upset at Carla and Carla moves into Roys. Would make sense if he wants to watch her and Carla not wanting to add to Michelles problems (Raury/Steve/Robert) with her own.

Louby said...

So now we know. And we are going to see the third kidney donation /transplant on the street in my memory. I've often wondered if Tracy could drink like she does as a transplant recipient.


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