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Sunday 17 December 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for Dec. 11 - 15

Apples and Trees award: Ruby pushed Hope off the trampoline for being mean to her and by the end of the week, Fiz thinks she also lit the trampoline on fire!

Showstopper award: Rosie asking for "fru fru" soap, smells nice but doesn't irritate. Nobody knew what to say to that except, I'll have what she's having.

Feet of Clay award: Anna stood by Kevin and bailed him out of a financial mess. When things get tough for Anna, he stuck around for awhile but the minute she can't be around to look after him and his sprog, he kicks her to the curb.

Houdini award: Anna managed to get into Roy's flat without a key. He's away, surely he wouldn't leave a key under the doormat or a plant pot, that's not his style and she went from prison to hospital to the park. She wouldn't have had the keys to the cafe like when she was working there.

Heart on his Sleeve award: Daniel.

Stir the Pot award: Tracy, of course!

Obnoxious award: Aidan's blaming Eva for ruining his life but it was his infidelity that sparked it off.

Pants on Fire award: Chesney for stitching up Daniel, over food poisoning and assault!

Lines of the Week:
Robert "No, I'm not an addict. I'm a disaster" (Captain Cliche in da house)
Tracy "A bit of tatty, oily rope is about all Daniel's worth"
Sarah to Gary "I thought what we had was perfect. And I was wrong. End of story."
Michelle "We can claim double that on the insurance. Should almost cover our debts" Robert "Marry me!"
Tracy to Chesney "Who's more important? Your sister or your fiancee?"
Kate "It takes more than one half wit scumbag to get this lady down" (the half-wit scumbag is right behind you, but you knew that!)
Tracy about Chesney "He's like a little ginger Usain Bolt!"
Daniel to Kate "You're not the one that everyone thinks is Sweeny Todd"
Daniel "How man other two faced con artists to you know?" Dev "You'd be surprised"
Eva to Aidan "Neither of us are going to win Hearts of Gold award are we?"

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Humpty Dumpty said...

David took the key from Shona to get into Roy's flat, that entrance being through the shop. Is there a back entrance, I can't remember? But Anna worked there so she knows the layout. Maybe she stood on a bin and forced a window .... It's this kind of devil-may-care writing that leads fans to decide it amongst themselves, which is either fun or annoying depending on your point of view.

Anonymous said...

Not so innocent award ,Yes Aidan cheated on Eva but that didn't give her the right to be an accessory to the robbery at the factory which cost everyone their jobs while she got to keep the car.
Even Leanne thought her sister went too far.
Cheating Connors hyporcrite award,to Michelle who said nothing about Aidan cheating on Eva, is condoning Kate's affair with Rana while condemning Steve for 'cheating'on her with Leanne despite the fact he truly believed their marriage was over due to HER fling with Will.

Where's Emily? said...

I wish Daniel would hit Chesney with a brick....and then Sinead...two of the most boring characters on the program.
Really hope that Eva doesn't help Aiden, who is nothing more than a spoiled brat. The pig cheated for a year...let him wallow.
Michelle, a robber, in heels no less. Give me a break. Blackmailing,thieving...her morals have amscrayed!
Like the idea of Kirsty turning up...would seem natural wanting to see her daughter after all of that time in prison. Now...there's a story.
Poor Anna... Kevin is and always has been selfish. Couldn't have sex because her legs caught fire...have a fling. In debt and going to lose it all? Take ALL of Anna's $$$$$ and get out of debt. Let the woman raise your child, cook your meals....yet when the chips are down...he bails on the woman.tsk tsk tsk

Looking forward to Carla returning...maybe her big secret is...she kills Phelan!! I bet she could, that's right...I bet she could!

Shells said...

Line of the Week should include Ruby demanding
"Are you talking about ME?!" and storming out. Adorable. You go, Ruby! Have a mind of your own!

Hope is likely the perpetrator in all this, which Fiz can't see. This story is revealing the innate favouritism and bias that Fiz and Tyrone have for their individual daughters.


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