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Friday 29 December 2017

Interview: Dolly-Rose Campbell on Gemma and Henry

What happens when Chesney invites Henry to the wedding as Dolly’s plus one?
Henry comes across as unkeen about the whole thing but Gemma thinks it’s lovely and that he is her proper boyfriend now if he is her plus one to something important like Chesney’s wedding. Gemma sees it as Henry being accepted into the fold. 

Why does Gemma get the impression that Henry is less that enthusiastic about the wedding?
Henry comes out with a few comments that rub Gemma up the wrong way and he seems like he is being snidey about Chesney and the wedding. 

Is that to do with his class?
It could be to do with the fact that Gemma and her friends are not like the people that he is used to which has been a concern for Gemma throughout their relationship so far. But his general attitude makes Gemma think that maybe this might not work out. 

How does that make Gemma feel?
Gemma feels underappreciated because Henry is being condescending. 

What happens when Henry calls for Gemma at No.5, Chesney’s house, on the day of the wedding?
It’s the morning of the wedding, they are all getting ready and Henry won’t sit down and Gemma thinks it’s because he disapproves of Chesney’s home. 

Does it get any better when they get to the wedding?
No, he keeps making sarcastic comments at the wedding and Gemma thinks that because of this, he puts a curse on the wedding. Because of the way he behaves it puts her on a higher string. 

What is Gemma’s reaction when he starts to make these sarcastic comments?
Gemma thinks that she is sick of him and if she is not good enough for him then he is not good enough for her so she breaks up with him. 

What happens when she tells him it’s over? Is that how she really feels?
Gemma is sad to see him go but she’s not going to be made to feel inferior by anyone so she has to make that decision because that is the way he is making her feel and that is not good enough for her. 

What’s Gemma’s thoughts when Henry begs her for a second chance?
At first she is surprised to see him come back but he apologises and he tells her that he really likes her and she falls for him all over again. 

Could Gemma be getting in over her head with Henry?
Gemma is a rough diamond but Henry is not really like anybody that she’s known before and she was overwhelmed by him when she met him. 

What did you first think when you read the storyline about Gemma having a love interest?I was chuffed because I thought it would be really exciting and different for Gemma; it’s a new side to Gemma that people haven’t seen yet. It’s been great fun and I’m loving working with George, who plays Henry, so it’s been nice. 

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