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Thursday 28 December 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 27 Dec 2017 7.30pm

Welcome to tonight's blog review. I cannot believe its the 27th of December already!!. As the dust settles on the Christmas cliff-hangers and we eat the last leftovers of 2017, let's take a trip down Coronation Street.

Tonight's episode begins (once again) over at Weatherfield General. Billy has a complex fracture and Eileen remains confused by the recent complex state of events. She's not the only one. With Todd and Summer still in hiding, was it the Barlow's who made the call to Summer's vile Gran, Geraldine?. Will Billy now need a wheelchair?. If I was the Vicar, I'd be reaching for that Morphine too!.

Over on the street, Carla is settled and sat at the Bistro Bar, quaffing £5 virgin cocktails and introducing herself to a newly reinstated waiter, Daniel Osbourne. Its no wonder Robert and Michelle have money worries. A fiver for a cocktail and taking on more staff?. I'd be wary investing if I was Carla. Will Roberts man pride take another battering from 'moaning mini' Michelle, or will he take the money from Carla? Out on a date with Tracey, has Steve heard his ex-confess her money worries too?.

Toyah is also distracted by Carla's return and confides in Angie. A few shared glances aside, Peter has obviously bigger things to deal with.

As the Mecca for Weatherfield business deals, it makes sense that Alya and Aidan are also meeting the Parker Brothers at The Bistro.

Whilst Aidan is getting the drinks in, Alya has sat alone with one of the brothers. She is instantly subjected to an onslaught of rather vile verbal racist insults. It made for uncomfortable viewing. And rather like the now regular pre-show warnings of violence and offensiveness, I didn't like it. Upon meeting this tirade of insults, Aidan shared his disgust. Is the deal now off?, or will Alya defy logic and rancid racism, to save the factory?.
What with resident cougar fancier Daniel distracted by Carla, Chesney is busy arranging his stag-do. Still vengeful of Daniel and reeking of paranoia (our Sinead receives a funny text from Beth) will Chesney's newly defined 'personality transplant' ensure that the wedding goes ahead?.

As Daniel is still evidently lovelorn for his ex Sinead, Adam warns Daniel to act fast, before she becomes Mrs Chesney. Toyah is also worried about the return of Carla and confides in new best pal Angie.

Of Course, Adam is all to keen to act insidiously. Still racked with guilt over the death of his mother, Adam is graveside and has dramatic designs on seeking revenge upon Billy. Will Adam forsake his Uncle Peter, or will Ken 'over the hill Tony Soprano' Barlow make sure Billy keeps his mouth shut?.

Reach for the morphine Billy!

Well, that's me done for tonight's episode.
I'm off now, I'm in need of some coconut water & Roy's spiced buns!


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JennyMac said...

Corrie is fast becoming Sighing Street! As a lifelong fan of the wonderful serial, it is becoming so miserable. Too many characters ending up in single rooms at the hospital with tubes up their noses and doomj and gloom. When oh when are we going to get some decent comedic writing again.?

Anonymous said...

I predict Ayla will have a fling with Michelle's switched-at-birth son who now goes by Ali. Shaken by this Islamaphobia, Ayla gets exposed to more radicals ways of fighting back by new convert Ali. You may scoff now but you read it here first.

popcorn said...

Why would Adam be wracked with guilt over his Mum's death? I don't get it.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Wasn't he in the car with her? Survivor guilt maybe??

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Oh, and he said something the other night about it was his fault they were in the car at that particular time. Can't really remember now.

Jonathan said...

@Popcorn He was, his guilt was over going along with his mom's plan, when he should in his mind have said no.

maggie muggins said...

I'm thinking we need a new title for the show. I'll start off with Trial & Tribulation Street. Or how about Affliction Street? Misfortune Street?

Sure, the camera work is better, the hair stylings more expensive, and we have more off-street locations. All for what though? If TPB want a new show, go start another one. Leave real Corrie alone! It can easily change with the times without the almost-complete loss of its soul. Shameful.

Oh, I think Adam said he didn't want to go on that car ride, but his mother insisted. I guess that plagues his conscience, mixed in with his grief resurfacing with the Billy confession. I find a lot of intense emotions are poorly explained in the script. Often just getting lost in the repeated use of the hospital room.


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