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Thursday 21 December 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 20 Dec 2017 7.30pm

Welcome to part one of tonight's blog review. Its another Wednesday of Weatherfield drama. I cannot believe its the 20th of December!!. As Christmas week looms large, will we have any festive treats on the street tonight?.

Tonight's episodes begin with Eileen in Weatherfield General, she's lucid and with no permanent damage (phew!). Phelan, however, is less than lucid. He's highly vengeful of Anna, and Todd feels the same about Gary. Eileen warns Phelan to leave it be, but will he heed her advice?. As Anna is visited by her solicitor, she's certainly facing conviction and has played right into Phelan's murderous hands. Will Anna spend Christmas in  jail or will Phelan exact any further revenge?.

Over at the Corner shop flat, Billy visits  Daniel and Adam. As a preoccupied Daniel is looking for Peter's secret Santa present, Billy has a secret Santa present that's ready for Adam!.
The Bessie street kids have a grotto at the community centre and Billy needs Adam to dress as an elf. An idea that offers no entertainment until he finds out Eva is dressing up as a saucy... reindeer?!!. As quick as you can say 'noughts and crosses on a tortoise' Adam is over at the community centre playing storytime with a rather eye-catching Eva!. Before you know it, the kid's grotto becomes grotty, Eva and Adam are caught in a festive feel-up and 'Carry on Corrie' does Christmas!!.

Meanwhile, Ayla's not so happy that Eva's ex Aidan is showcasing the Parker Brothers and winning a new business deal, behind her back. Eventually winning her over, it seems slimy Aidan is hiding something from her. However, Alya is also as ambitious as he is and decides they need business premises to seal the new deal , not just any premises though, she wants Underworld!. Will Aidan be able to rescue his conscience and get the factory girls their jobs back, or will Jonny sell Underworld to Mathew Singh?.

Over at The Rovers, B&B guest Chris has got his feet firmly under the table. It isn't long before he is charming Leanne, viewing flats, and buying her drinks. But what is teetotaller Chris hiding?. Luckily for Leanne, Steve already has suspicions and is playing the protective father, or it Leanne he's protective of?. With a date fallen through, Steve takes Tracy to The Rovers for a classic foursome.. awkward!. However, with Chris's bizarre stories of animal puzzle challenges and a mishap with a  fraudulent credit card, it isn't long before resident genius Sarah Platt (who knew?) has worked out that Chris is an ID thief!!.

Is Leanne in danger? will Steve ever update his dating profile picture? does Dev sell dodgy Christmas Trees?.

What a Christmas Cracker!

That's me done for tonight's first episode.

I'm off now, Billy has asked me to dress up for tonight's Community Centre Grotto.


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Antiphon said...

Not looking good for Anna at all. The latest events merely confirm my suspicions that she will simply be demolished in court by Phelan, given a long prison sentence and never seen or heard of again. I still think her character deserves better than this. Debbie Rush has stated that she is not sure if the door will be left open for her character to return or not, and this suggests that she will be banished to prison for a long time. Even if Seb changed his statement and she was acquitted of his attempted murder she would still be jailed for her mistaken assault on Eileen, unless there is some kind of unexpected twist where she is freed or only given a fairly short sentence, at the conclusion of which she decides offscreen not to return to Weatherfield because of all her bad memories there and also because Phelan will probably still be at large and a danger to her. I can't think what sort of twist this could potentially be though. In the meantime there is nothing to really suggest that Phelan will get his just desserts anytime soon and it seems likely that he will continue with his evil deeds indefinitely. As has been previously suggested I tend to think that the writers have not yet got any idea on how to write him out, so it seems likely that we will be stuck with this obnoxious character for the foreseeable future. He deserves far greater punishment than just a slap on the face for causing the deaths of Michael, Vinny and Andy and for ruining Anna's life, even if Anna has also made mistakes herself.

Antiphon said...

Another thought; Phelan said in the last episode that if Anna was not in prison he would exact revenge on her for her attack on Eileen. Could it be possible that he might arrange for someone inside the prison to attack Anna or even kill her?


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