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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 13 Dec, 8.30pm

Gary might be back from the dead, but his mum is "not great." The lack of visitors is shocking, where are her friends, and Faye? Gary says he will take her to visit her mum. She needs Roy and others. Cut to Anna wandering through the streets, like a high Jason Bourne, hood up and swaying like Theresa May at an EU negotiation. 

The Bistro has Tracy, Mary and Angie dining together and Ms Barlow clocks Ches and sees an opportunity too good to miss. 

Kev sees Gary and tells him that he and Anna are finished. And a policewoman calls round to let them know she has escaped. Bethany and Craigy are having a cosy night in. He is nervous and she's relaxed. And they decide to watch the film, She's All That. 

Kev gets angry and refers to Jack needing more help than Anna, as she's "unstable!" Hardly surprising, eh? 

Rana's wayward brother is visiting and fleeing a failed marriage. This means Rana is the golden child, until her secrets and lies are exposed.

Faye seems to have settled into the Grimshaw household mighty quick. Her dad calls round and talks about the great escape. When will Faye start to care about what happens to mum? It does not really sense, having her hated by the kid she has given up everything for.  Phelan finds Anna's latest move really hilarious. Eileen takes Seb to A&E, as everyone remembers he has HIV. Faye confronts Phelan at last, come on girl, stand up to him! This makes the manipulator angry and Faye legs it. 

Meanwhile Zeedan's undying loyalty to Rana is almost heartbreaking, as we all know what's coming. She is going to break his heart in two. 

Chesney gets jealous of Daniel again, this love triangle got boring a while back. Daniel's fringe flops about as he gets lovestruck and Sinead really needs to wake up and smell her scented soap. Choose one of 'em and sharpish! 

Michelle and Kate are at war, since one donned a balaclava and turned into Rob Dog and the other had a candlelit tea with a married woman. Life sure is complicated on Weatherfield. 

Bethany in true rom style asks Craig what his type is. He blurts out "You!" And she throws him out. Poor Craig! 

Fiz and Ty could be Jack and Vera if only they had stuff to do but they are either spending money they don't have or moping. 

Ches has got it into his head that his food was tampered with at the Bistro following a stomach ache. And Faye feels guilt about the way she has treated Anna. Seb calls round at Anna's and tells Faye that Anna did push him off the ladder. Faye finishes with him, about time! 

Meanwhile poor Anna is sat underneath her gigantic parker looking like a cross between Liam Gallagher and the kid from East Is East sat in a freezer, shivering and on the run. Get her back home and acquitted please! Don't make her look back in anger, please!

By Glenn Meads

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Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that after all the support Anna gave Roy and Hayley during Hayley's illness that Roy could not return the kindness by visiting Anna in prison.
It's pathetic that everyone seems to believe Phelan's lies!
As for Faye who set things in motion calling the police on her mother,it's too little too late for her to be concerned about her mother realising Phelan and Seb set Anna up.
I wished Eileen saw Phelan reveling in Anna's misery instead of at the hospital with Seb who is the wrong character to have HIV
I think The illness is nothing more than a sympathy ploy for Seb conviently remembered when it suits the a scene[that's how it seems to me.What about all his medication?Who's paying for that?].

Anonymous said...

Why the need for him to go to the hospital because he has HIV. Wouldn't his family Dr. be monitoring him? Far, far too many unnecessary hospital visits!


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