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Monday, 12 June 2017

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Mon 12 June

MARIA GETS IN THE WAY OF EVA’S ROMANTIC PLANS Doing her best to contain her excitement, Eva tells Aidan to meet her in the bistro later, confiding in Leanne how she plans to propose to him. With the help of Leanne, Jenny, Michelle and Kate, Eva puts the finishing touches to her Mexican themed engagement party. Meanwhile with Audrey minding Liam, a glam Maria suggests Aidan should buy her a drink in the pub. While a nervous Eva waits for Aidan, Maria follows Aidan into the men’s loos and kisses him passionately. Fed up of waiting Eva heads for the Rovers, what will she find?
JOHNNY DISCOVERS HIS FATE Having arrived back from his appointment with the neurologist, Johnny’s in a state of shock but covers when Kate approaches.
ELSEWHERE Having received a text from Shona telling them that she’s left Weatherfield for a fresh start, Eileen and Billy worry for her safety. Calling in the salon they beg David to try calling her. Losing his temper David hurls his mobile through a mirror. David opens up to Gail and tells her how Shona was the first person to make him feel happy again since Kylie’s death. Covering her guilt, Gail holds her emotional son. Cathy’s chuffed when Brian invites her out on a proper date. Leanne’s put out to discover Nick’s intends to sell his share of the bistro. Seb’s key worker, Nicola, approaches Phelan, explaining that Seb is due out soon and wondering if he could offer him an apprenticeship.

MARIA STRUGGLES WITH EVA AND AIDAN’S ENGAGEMENT With all eyes on Aidan he sweeps Eva into his arms, accepting her proposal. Everyone cheers whilst Maria’s devastated. Jenny leads the engagement party back  across the street. Making his excuses, Aidan slips out to see Maria,  explaining that he loves both she and Eva, he implores her not to end their affair. When Maria walks into the bistro Aidan’s on pins, what has she come to say?
JOHNNY MAKES A BIG DECISION ABOUT HIS FUTURE When Kate quizzes Johnny about his results he lies, telling her he’s got an infection and it’s nothing to worry about. Kate’s relieved but when Jenny outlines her plans for an action packed honeymoon, a dismayed Johnny reaches a decision.
Angry David shouts across the street to Eileen and Billy, telling them that Shona is the mother of Kylie’s murderer. Billy’s shocked.
ELSEWHERE Nicola explains the details of the apprenticeship scheme to Phelan. Handing him a business card she heads out. Phelan’s thoughtful, what’s in this for him?

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Anonymous said...

At last! Eileen & Billy, who for some inexplicable reason are halfway up Shona's backside, will know the truth about who she is. Maybe now they will be happy to see her go.

Anonymous said...

As any right-minded person should be!

Maricha said...

Of course not. They'll feel oh so sorry for her as though moving to any other neighborhood was a fate worse than death.

Where's Emily?? said...

I don't know Anon. Eileen dated Ernest Bishop's murderer even after she knew who he was.Shona hasn't murdered anyone, and Billy's in the business of forgiving .

I'm not a great fan of this character. I never could understand how she'd want to live on the street where her son committed murder.

One thing I wonder...why has Gemma not clocked her. She was a friend of Macca and knew Clayton, I find it hard to believe that she doesn't know who she is.

Maricha said...

Considering that Shona was with Nathan until she ended up on Corrie, I'm assuming she was much more dolled up before than what we see now. Gemma did vaguely recognize her but not enough to remember where she'd seen Shona before.
Also,since Clayton didn't want a relationship with her, knowing him doesn't mean Gemma would have seen Shona.


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