Friday, 9 June 2017

Pat Phelan - From Villain to Chillin?

There are paparazzi pictures in The Sun today showing Pat Phelan being filmed around a church. Now, this could mean anything - or nothing.

But Corrie producer Kate Oates told us at the recent press day that when Phelan's daughter Nicola arrives in Weatherfield, she'll be the light to Phelan's dark.  

Kate told us: "Phelan’s daughter will be the light to his shade. I love him dearly and I can’t stop watching him. We may discover that all is not as it seems to be. Bringing in Phelan's daughter will be the light to his darkness, he doesn’t know she exists. Phelan falls in love with the daughter he didn’t know he had, and wants to be a better man because of it..

And so I wonder if his daughter might be responsible for sending him to confess his sins, perhaps?

Phelan's long lost daughter Nicola Rubenstein turns up on the cobbles next week as Seb Franklin’s case worker. She'll be played by campaigner and top woman Nicola Thorp. You can find out more about her here.

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

No, Phelan will never be "chillin". Doesn't matter who they bring in to soften him or how many times he goes to church to confess or whatever. He is a wrong'un through and through, he deserves no respect and I cannot wait for him to get his comeuppance. And I can't wait to see Eileen's face when that happens....and happen it must!

And Phelan is not a character I "love to hate" .....just the hate part.

Maricha said...

I agree.What could possibly be not as it seemed? Even in the unlikely event that Andy isn't dead, Phelan bankrupted Owen and forced Anna to sleep with him under duress his first time around then, this time,stole from his neighbors and let a man die without lifting a finger to cover his tracks.
If the producers love the actor why didn't they follow in the time honored tradition of having him be the evil twin to a better character and send the bad one to jail while the new one remains? Sure it's farfetched but no more than reforming a monster just because he meets a grown woman who happens to be his daughter.
I have loved to hate him but only because I fully expected the character to get his comeuppance.

Anonymous said...

When I read this blog,my first thought was of Michael who was a caring surrogate grandfather to Max and Lily after their mother's death and was about to start a new life with Gail only to be robbed of his chance for happiness by Phelan who let Michael die while he was suffering a heart attack after he found out Phelan scammed everyone with the 'flats.
Yet for some reason, the writers instead of having Phelan get his comeuppance,give him the 'happy ending instead with Eileen,his daughter and grandson?!There is no justice on the Street anymore!
I also bet if Phelan's crimes do come out,Eileen and his family will keep quiet to protect him just as Ken did with Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the apology to Eccles.

Tilly Flop said...

Who is his grandson? It's been stated that is not Seb

abbyk said...

On on completely different tack, his daughter is a Rubenstein? That is almost always a Jewish last name. As a Jewish fan, I always wondered why, with a garment factory, in 16 years there have been no Jewish characters (in NY, where I am from, it is an industry we pretty much owned until recently), even among the buyers and suppliers. This will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

It is this kind of switcharoo that turns people off soaps. I realize any drama requires a suspension of disbelief, but there are limits. Dallas saw its ratings plummet when they decided to allow an actor to return by declaring the whole previous season but a dream. When Knots Landing ended, an alien spaceship whisked off the main characters. This is why people look down at 'soap fans'.

Anonymous said...

Abbyk - plenty other religions haven't been represented in Corrie. Comparing NY to Manchester is apples to oranges.

maggie muggins said...

I think Kate Oates may be delusional if she thinks fans will let this slide by. Wanting to be a better man after his litany of very nasty crimes is not the same as having justice served after admitting to his crimes. In his case it would mean a very long prison sentence.

Have never liked Phelan, especially his initial visit to the cobbles. Every time he walked into Anna & Owen's place, I cringed at his smirking nastiness.

Newfy Pearl said...

Who says she is Jewish? She could be married to or used to be married to a Jewish man.
As for Phelan's past is hard to forget.
Seems like Corrie is going the way of Eastenders. Next thing you know they will be bringing characters back from the dead.

abbyk said...

It's just a little affinity-based excitement. No different then finding it there would be an American character, until she turned out to be the horrible lip couch snob.

Anonymous said...

When Eileen spoke about inviting Nicola for dinner, she said, "What do Jewish people eat."

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