Friday, 9 June 2017

Ofcom Investigates Corrie Grooming Story Complaints

An Ofcom spokesperson told Digital Spy this week: "We are assessing 25 complaints objecting to violence / sexual tone of child grooming storyline before deciding whether or not to investigate."

Ofcom is the communications regulator in the UK. The scenes that have been complained about happened in the week of episodes which ran after the 9pm post-watershed slot. Bethany was forced to sleep with three different men in Nathan's flat. 

Although the story aired during the later TV slot and viewers also being warned about the scenes prior to transmission, 25 viewers were still outraged enough to make official complaints to Ofcom.

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bluegardenia said...

These people who complain about this particular storyline need to wake up! They are aware of the story...they know or should know what it if it offends then don't's that simple. I don't like this particular story however if it offends me I won't watch it. When I see all the murder and mayhem that occurs in other tv shows it makes me laugh to see these sensitive viewers file complaints.

Anonymous said...

So true Bluegardenia! There is an Off switch, use it!

Anonymous said...

Just as Corrie writers and those posting to this blog exercise their right to freedom of expression, so are those who are filing a complaint. For every person who thinks this is an important story that needs to be dramatized, those who object to the manner in which it is dramatized have equal right to express themselves. I choose to not watch this story line because it represents a reality I do not wish to revisit. However, I respect that in a democratic society, individuals have a right to express their opinion to the contrary of the majority... it's not like the episode can be unbroadcast as a result.

Aussie Pete said...

I agree to what you are saying anonymous, though I do agree with bluegardenia in that if they don't want to see it, change the channel. Complaining about it isn't that necessary

Anonymous said...

Turn it off and stop crying. They have all kinds of warning. Fill out your "hurt feelings" report and move along

Anonymous said...

Disgusting storyline

Greg Parker said...

Yes it is a disgusting storyline BUT do you realise how aware it has made my 12 year old daughter , believe it or not as much of it is a story , if this kind of thing where to happen to your own daughter or mine then you would be crying that more needed to be done , well here Corrrie have done there bit to bring awareness, get out of your bubble because what is being portrayed is real life for more people than we would ever care to imagine

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