Thursday, 1 June 2017

Julia Goulding Interview: Shona's reaction to David's kiss

There's a good interview with Julia Goulding, who plays Shona Ramsey in Coronation Street, on the Radio Times website.

Julia talks about Shona's reaction after David kisses her while she was in hospital. You can find out more about that here.

She says: "Shona does fancy David quite a bit and what she likes about him is that he's different from anyone she has been with before. She likes that he's funny, he make her laugh and she sees he is a good father. It has been bubbling for quite a while but those feelings are definitely starting to surface.

"In that moment, her tummy flips and she's very happy, but it's fleeting because the reality of lying to him hits her. Shona desperately does want to tell David the truth about who she is, but the closer she's getting to him, the harder it is.

Julia also says that she would love to work with Callum Harrison more. He's the actor who plays her on-screen son Clayton.

"He's a cracking lad. It would be nice to see more scenes with the two of them together, as you'd not only see a softer side to Clayton, but it'd be nice to see Shona as a mother too. Because at the moment she’s not and we don’t see her with those kind of responsibilities."

You can read the full interview here.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Julia/Shona, you look like you're cradle-snatching.

Anonymous said...

And FYI, there is no softer side to Clayton, he is a total toerag.

Tilly Flop said...

There is no cradle snatching at all. David is 27 on Christmas day and Shona 29.

Laura said...

I think David just looks younger, the age difference between them isn't really that much.

I was really hoping they weren't going to go this route. :(

Humpty Dumpty said...

This relationship surely won't get off the ground once David knows the truth. As for the age business, despite what anyone might say, it's very important how couples look together on screen. Lloyd and his partner (Jenna's mother) were totally wrong. She looked much too old even if they were the same age. Maybe it's David, as Laura suggests, who is very boyish in his manner. It's to do with demeanour more than physical appearance, which is why Chesney seems 'old' even though character/actor is 23.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Humpty, exactly. Shona will always look too old for David, even if she was the same age or younger, she just looks old. David looks like he could be her son!

Zagg said...

I agree, they just do not go together. And if they do end up getting together after David finds out the truth, that will be a huge let down and SO out of character. The David we know would go ballistic on her and send he out of town in a taxi, crying....or worse.

Laura said...

Yes, I agree with Zagg - Demon David would certainly return to make her life miserable for a bit, especially if she starts to bond with Max and Lily and they have to go through losing someone all over again - and someone so closely related to the loss of their mother.

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