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Corrie Weekly Update - High Dudgeon and a Beautiful Finger

At Weatherfield hospital, Shona’s in a bad way after the attack from Nathan’s thugs. Gail and David visit and find out from the nurse that Shona’s got a c-section scar from when she gave birth to her son. This is news to David, who’s started falling for Shona and she’s never mentioned a son. He kisses her as she lies in her hospital bed and Gail looks on, unseen by them both. Gail already knows that Shona’s son is Clayton, the boy who murdered Kylie, but David doesn’t yet know. However, in soap land secrets don’t stay safe for long.

David takes Max and Lily to visit Kylie’s grave and is shocked to find Shona there too. She finally reveals the truth about his son, David explodes and Shona walks off. I do hope she’ll be back and once David calms down, I think he will too.

At the Platts, Sarah tries and fails to understand that Bethany’s been brainwashed by Nathan. When Sarah finds Bethany looking for her passport, she cuts it into pieces so her daughter can’t escape. Audrey does her best to look after Bethany. It’s her 17th birthday and Audrey gives her a cut and pamper in the salon. But then she spies the cigarette burn on her granddaughter’s arm. Bethany tries to self-harm with another burn to her arm but Sarah stops her in the nick of time. And there was a horrible scene where Bethany flirted with Peter Barlow, who later shared his concern with Sarah.
Meanwhile, Nathan has been released by the cops and picks Bethany up in his car from the Street. He tells her to pretend to her family that he’s dumped her so they won’t give her a hard time. And he sends PC Neil to visit Bethany at home, keeping up the pretence that the cops are working for her, not against her and with Nathan. It’s a horrible mess that is going to continue a while before the scales finally drop from Bethany’s eyes.

There were strong scenes between Daniel and mum Denise this week and Rob Mallard who plays Daniel is excellent in this role. Far too late, Denise tries to play mum after abandoning her son years ago. Daniel tells her he can’t trust her and demands that she leave. As she gets into the cab to drive off, she tells Ken that she’s not going far and she’ll be on hand should Daniel need her. I hope it’s not the last that we see of Denise, I’ve enjoyed seeing her back on the Street.

Crikey, it’s all been a bit doom and gloom so far, hasn’t it?  Lighter scenes this week took place at the factory when Kirk got confused between High Wycombe and high dudgeon and the factory girls had a Bob Marley sing-off. A nice little comedy touch in another dramatic week. Also at the factory, Gina gets promoted to machinist when she accidentally slices through some underwear with scissors and impresses Johnny Connor after running up replacement undies on a machine.

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Another story that made me chuckle this week was Jenny choosing her engagement ring from Phil the jeweler who visited her in the factory with his wares. Phil had his head turned by Eva and accepted her offer of a lunchtime drink. In the Rovers, Eva was hoping to rope Aidan into looking at engagement rings, but he had other things to look at in Maria’s flat. When Maria had her security tag removed from her ankle this week, Aidan bought her an anklet from Phil the jeweler (wonderfully played by Irish actor Simon Delaney). “You’re my prisoner now,” Aidan told Maria as he slipped the chain around her ankle. The whole nation cringed.  After Aidan’s afternoon with Maria he arrived home to find Eva dolled up in stockings and suspenders and black PVC, desperate to get him to propose.

And finally, at the Barlows this week, Ken calls a family meeting and tells them he wants them all to forgive and forget what Daniel has done. But Tracy, Peter and Adam aren’t the forgiving and forgetting kind.  And in the back yard of the Barlows, Ken burns the blood-stained book that Daniel hit him with, destroying the evidence of Daniel’s assault, as Adam looks on from the ginnel.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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