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Pat Phelan - Yay or Nay?

Pat Phelan is causing a bit of a stir amongst Coronation Street fans right now. Some love him, others hate him and one thing's for sure, there's no middle ground when it comes to what we think of the Corrie villain.

Comments left on the blog and social media prove that Pat Phelan's causing a big divide among Corrie fans. Some want him gone, and some want him on the cobbles causing mischief for as long as he can.  I'm firmly in the latter camp. I think he's great and can't wait to see what he gets up to next.

Bringing in Pat's daughter, I think, is a stroke of genius on the part of Corrie producer Kate Oates. At the recent press day she told us this about Pehan: "I love him dearly and I can’t stop watching him." 

I can only agree.

But what do you think? Have you had enough of his evil and do you want him gone?  But if he goes, who's going to take up the mantle of the villain? Every soap needs one and I think we've got the perfect one in Phelan.

So, Pat Phelan - Yay or Nay? I say a big fat YAY.

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Tvor said...

I really enjoy the character, love to hate! But Phelan really needs to pay for his crimes. If he hasn't actually killed Andy as the rumours say, then he can go to jail for a bit with Eileen visiting him, have a jail storyline (Phelan vs. Big Jim McDonald?) and come back.

abbyk said...

A slender Yay. I can't forgive what he did to Michael or what we think he did to Andy; Anna, maybe, but only because I have disliked that character for years. I do, however, love the huge acting talent that makes him so believable.

Anonymous said...

By whitewashing his heinous crimes by giving him a family instead of his well deserved comeuppance,I say nay.
I think by keeping Phelan,Corrie is losing credibility.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Of course, the controversy is exactly what the producer wants. The worst thing would be for viewers to say 'Phelan? Who's he?' I am not in Phelan's camp and his panto villain appeals to the fans who love those kind of characters; similarly with Tracy until recently. There were comments on this blog from posters excited at what Tracy would get up to next. In the end, she got very boring and even Kate Ford got bored with Tracy. As for Phelan's daughter being brought in, it's a hugely cynical move by tptb to win fans over. They did the same when they realised Carla was unpopular. They created a friendship with Haley to soften her up. My objections to Phelan are: i) He has shown very little remorse about people he scammed and he's got away with it; ii) He allowed Michael to die (that's at least morally if not legally wrong); iii) He's married to Eileen which does him no favours; iv) The biggest crime in my book, he has absolutely no sense of humour (Tony Gordon was great at menace and comedy); v) He's in danger of going the way Tracy was headed, becoming unbelievable and utterly boring. The producer hopes all of the fore-going will be dissolved with a sprinkling of long-lost daughter fairy dust and, maybe, a short spell in prison. I get that I'm doing exactly what the producer wants by ranting! Possibly, but not definitely, my last word on the topic.

Anonymous said...

NAY! Absolutely agree with everything Humpty said. And who cares if Kate Oates loves Phelan or not, totally not the point.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon)
I love the actor and have enjoyed watching him pull the wool over the eyes of the gulliblecitizens of Weatherfield, but the character seems too sadistic to remain on the show long term. There were some great moments of drama because his victims too were such good actors. (the bumbling, hapless Michael, the luckless Andy, the anguished Anna and helplessly fuming Owen). But it would not be plausible to see him redeemed because people like that, who are so deeply sadistic, can't really be changed.

I remember well the comment from the guy that Andy delivered Kevin's truck too--he summed up Phelan very well as the guy who likes to pull wings off flies: he recounted how Phelan, even in school, would zero in on someone weak or vulnerable and take great pleasure in tormenting them just for the fun of it.

And that describes his attitude and behaviour towards Anna, Owen, Gary, Michael, and Andy perfectly. Ultimately, he wasn't hurting them for any rational reason, but because he got his kicks out of seeing them twist like worms on a hook. So, in that way I find him sicker even than Nathan (who has a profit motive at least) or Tracy, who is very selfish but isn't sadistic, and think it's about time he got his comeuppance and moved on!

Maricha said...
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Maricha said...

Nay. I like the actor but that doesn't mean I want to keep seeing Phelan. Actors can be cast in different roles, he'd be just as talented as someone else.

I don't follow Kate Oates' reasoning in wanting to keep Phelan on since the worst of his behavior occurred on her watch.What he'd done to Anna and Owen could be resolved by some disaster befalling him and him returning their money.

The actual theft of all his neighbors' money, letting Michael die to hide the theft was imminent, fighting (killing?) Andy to hide both his role in the theft and Michael's death, his persecution and bankrupting of Kevin: all happened on her watch. The wheels were already set in motion for some of it but it was within her control to alter those stories to avoid Phelan becoming even more hateful.

Thanks to Oates, Phelan's action have gone well beyond being redeemed by the usual soap remedies for bad behavior like short jail stays, mysterious returns of money, saving their victim's life, being exceptionally kind to someone powerless, etc.

I don't care if he confesses all and becomes father of the year, Phelan still needs to get his comeuppance and go for good.

Anonymous said...

I am ready to see him gone. Cant understand how he can be normalized after murder.

Chelsea said...

What I can't understand is how the writers can justify continually referencing Tracy's murder- which she went to jail for and happened over ten years ago, and have people treat her badly because of it. But they have Phelan on the show, with no comeuppance indefinitely, when, in my opinion, he is so much worse than Tracy or, any other character on the Street. It's a nay from me.

Newfy Pearl said...

Agreed Chelsea. Well said.

Christopher Holmes said...

He needs his just deserves before too long. Never have i seen a soap character get away with there wrong doings. Lets hope at least kevin webster gers revenge on him

Louby said...

No, he needs to get what he deserves and leave, preferably by going to prison. It would be quite a long list of crimes! Connor is a good actor, but the character has had nothing nice about him so far.

Btw, I've wondered if Andy isn't actually dead, or perhaps the ptb haven't made up their minds yet if he needs to be dead or alive for future plots.

BeaverDamsel said...

It is so wrong to let him stay; I have never understood why the writers and those in charge have allowed him to be written-in this way.

BeaverDamsel said...

Not that I wish to see drawn-out court scenes. Let us read the results in the local newspaper. The marriage is over the top for me.

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