Thursday, 15 June 2017

Coronation Street actresses have intimate photos leaked

Coronation Stret's Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle McDonald, and Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva Price, have both been recent victims of phone hackers.

Last week it was revealed that intimate images of Kym and video footage with an ex had surfaced online. Kym has reported this to the police, who are investigating. Attempts were made to sell those images to the newspapers, but they were declined and her representatives were informed.

A spokesman for Kym told The Sun: “These are private moments between husband and wife and shouldn’t be in the public domain.”

Cath Tyldesley's phone has also been hacked.  A source close to the actress told OK! Online: "Cath is shocked and saddened that someone has invaded her privacy by uploading some very old images to a website, this has been done with the full intention to cause her upset and embarrassment."

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Catherine said: "She will be speaking to her legal and media representatives regarding the matter this week."

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coconno196 said...

These women aren't teenagers. They should know better than to send "intimate" photos in the first place.

Scott Willison said...

Sharing a moment with someone you trust in what you expect to be a private exchange is not an invitation to be hacked. If you are in bed with your partner and someone climbs up a ladder to stare through the window, it's not your fault for being naked: the person who's in the wrong is the person who violated your privacy.

C in Canada said...

Exactly as they said - these are intimate photos and shouldn't be in the public domain.

I never feel sorry for people who have this happen to them - if you don't want this to happen - then don't take 'intimate photos'!

Tvor said...

You'd think with all the scandal about the phone hacking a few years ago, people would be more careful about what photos and video they take with their phones.

Maricha said...

You'd think so but people are strange. Instead of thinking they shouldn't do that, they think, oh, other people do it? so should I.

I'll bet more people put intimate photos on their devices now than before the hacking scandal.

Anonymous said...

Don't take rude pics then they can't be leaked sheesh.