Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Chris Harper Interview: Final twist in grooming storyline

Chris Harper, who plays evil Nathan Curtis in Coronation Street, has been speaking to Inside Soap magazine this week about the final twist in the grooming storyline.

He says that Nathan plans to take Bethany abroad and leave her there with an acquaintance of his. "This is Nathan's last chance to cash in on Bethany," he tells Inside Soap. "He's going wash his hands of her and move on. She’s been a lot of trouble and this is his last chance to cash in on her."

However, it's not all plain sailing for Nathan. "Bethany will show a lot of courage and do something very difficult. She is actually very clever. I think it’s the moment everyone has been waiting for. Bethany jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire, but the end of Nathan’s evil control is in sight. However, the effects of abuse can last a lifetime, and Coronation Street take this storyline very seriously. Bethany has a long way to go on the road to recovery."

And once he  leaves Coronation Street, what's next for Chris Harper? "I think I can rule out Bond and Doctor Who! This is an exciting time – there’s so much brilliant television out there at the moment. I’d really love to work with some other ex-Corrie actors: Julie Hesmondhalgh, Suranne Jones and Sarah Lancashire are all incredible."

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I've been saying for a long time that I found it incongruent Nathan should target Bethany, who has grown up in Italy and had the street savvy to flee from Milan to Weatherfield. She wasn't put on a plane by one loving relative and met by another. She used her mother's credit card to make her get-away so, when she first appeared, Bethany was presented as a very astute young lady. Maybe the writers will now remember that Bethany went to an international school and is very possibly fluent in several European languages. I've read that Nathan puts her on a ferry to Belgium, and my guess is that the brave thing she does is to go to the Belgian (or whatever) authorities and explain her situation, whether it's on the ferry or when she arrives. This is the fictional side of the storyline because I doubt many teenagers in a such a situation would have the confidence to survive alone in a foreign country. No matter, it is the beginning of the end for Nathan and co.

Zagg said...

I totally agree Humpty. To me Bethany was never a viable target. It was all too contrived. Faye would have made more sense. Too bad she wasn't Beth's daughter. She would have marched to Nathan's and beat the crap out of him and brought her daughter home.

Canuktuk said...

Ultimately, I think the value of this story line is that it reminds us that criminals are lazy and want targets that don't come with the baggage of friends, family and members of the community who show interest/care about them. In our current society it's very easy to become isolated, especially by technology, and this increases the risk of being targeted for any crime but particularly exploitation crimes.
In the end, this story is about members of the community looking out for one another both out of compassion and protection (that "nosy neighbour" or parent) - and what could happen if we don't. I feel that this kind of community-mindedness is what the original Corrie was based upon and to me, that makes this story relevant to this particular soap more than it's importance as a "current social issue".

Ryan Oxley said...

Maybe another 'twist' in this story, still to come?.
It has been one of their best storylines in recent years.

Unfortunately, it is very relevant in todays society, and can happen to anybody, regardless of character, culture or age. This is a specific grooming case, but age is often irrelevant when an insidious character instigates physical and psychological abuse. I am glad Corrie have highlighted this, with real sensitivity. It would have been easy to target Faye, but it would ultimately be deemed sensationalistic (due to her actual age) and would have courted controversy which would have discredited the storyline, and the very real social issues attached; on a whole.

Proving the 'grooming' (due to Bethany's age) will be the real crux in this storyline, I hope it concludes with believability. I think PC Neil may well be integral (somehow) in Nathans downfall. The 'fall out' will last sometime for the Platt's and this is where Shona will also gain credential. The social and community cohesion within the street preceding and following the event, is also a very good point.

boris the spider said...

Sadly, Ryan, the whole thing will be forgotten in a few months' time.

Tvor said...

Proving it was grooming may not be successful, but he did sell Bethany's services for money. He can certainly get done for that, and he drugged her as well.

Maricha said...

We've seen him accept cash but I doubt anyone will come forward to admit giving him money to be with Bethany. The tanning salon doubtless has fake books to justify any money he has.
I can't wait to see what he gets charged with and how they prove it.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, this is Corrie. Justice is never found in a court room. Nathan will be buried in the Platts garage along with Callum or become fish food down at the canal.

Rapunzel said...

Nathan's mistake was in targeting Bethany. He believed she was as vulnerable as the others when he saw her collapsed in the ginnel We're told through his conversations with Mel that it's taken more time than usual to groom her. In fact she does have a loving, supportive (albeit dysfunctional) family. And, it appears, Bethany's inner strength will win out in the end, bringing him down.

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