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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

5 Coronation Street locations we no longer see

In the post remembering Alf Roberts which I wrote yesterday, it was mentioned on Twitter that we hadn't seen the painting of Alf on Audrey's wall for a long time.

It's this one ...

...and the photo was taken on Gemma and Michael from Conversation Street's recent visit to the Corrie prop store. Find out more about their amazing visit here.

So this started me thinking - when was the last time we saw inside Audrey's house at Grasmere Drive?

A Corrie fan on Twitter said we hadn't seen Audrey's house since 2015. If anyone can verify this, do please let me know.  I wonder if that hole has gone from her back garden yet that Fred Elliot fell down a disused well?

And thinking on that, as you do, I wondered about other locations that we used to see from time to time but no longer see on screen.

For instance, what's going on at Jamila House the community centre? Does it still exist? Are the art classes still running? It's such a lovely little place. It opened with a flourish but we never see it any more. Speaking of which, where's Yasmeen gone too?

Norris and Emily's house.  Yes, we know that Emily's in Peru and we know that Sean is lodging there with Norris. But we've never Norris and Sean together inside the house which is a missed comic opportunity. And we've barely seen inside No. 3 at all since Emily left.

Likewise, we haven't been upstairs in Rita's flat for... ooh, ages, either.  Is Gemma still living there now that Jenny's moved out to live with Johnny Connor?

PS: If anyone would like to write a blog post about who's living where at the moment, I'd welcome it with open arms.

And finally, when was the last time we ever saw the Red Rec?  Is all the drama happening on-set these days because of the increased intrusion by the paparazzi when Corrie shoot out on location?

Are there any other locations that you'd like to see more of that haven't been used for a while?

Speaking of which, remember a few weeks ago with Sarah and Gary looked at this property? I wonder if anyone will be moving in?

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Unknown said...

I emailed Corrie a couple of years ago asking about Audrey's house. They replied stating that the owner of the house was quite elderly now and they didn't want all the work of making their home available for exterior scenes - and so the decision was taken to find a new location which resembled the previous house. At the same time as this change, the Corrie team decided to film interior scenes at the new location rather than use the old studio set.

Corriegated Cardboard said...

i believe the last time i remember anyone going to the red rec was when anna and kevin first started going out, they went there with jack and jake, and i think perhaps gary and izzy too. so a fair while ago.

Come Back Emily said...

The second flat above the Kabin (No.12 Coronation Street) has not been occupied since Julie left in 2015.

I'd love to see Gemma & Rita / Norris & Sean (or both). They could provide some brilliant comedy.

It's a shame we don't see Grasmere Drive any more as it gives a sense of Coronation Street being part of a wider Weatherfield.

I'd like to see the interior of 28 Grayling Street, where Izzy, Jake, Gary and currently Faye live, a bit more. I'm surprised we haven't now Faye is living there.

As for the two houses on Victoria Street, it is strange no one lives there. Everyone is squashed into houses, when there are empty houses scattered around.

Tvor said...

I'm remembering David with the kids at the Red Rec not too long ago, maybe, and I think we saw Faye and Seb there as well after Anna's accident. We never see the upstairs living quarters at the pub, that sitting room and small kitchenette that suddenly appeared when Becky was married to Steve, (that area that was jammed in around the 3 or 4 bedrooms and bathroom that are also supposed to be up there) not since Stella was landlady. It never made sense that there was room for all that anyway!

Where's Emily? said...

We saw the Jamila Centre at Easter...I wish they would show scenes of Sean and Norris living together, they could do a spinoff. I would love to see the upstairs of Eileens.I remember Steve and Andy sharing pokey little room, and Jim wanting to add on for little Katie, blocking out Sally's sunlight (it was a no-go)We also used to see the office for the corner shop. Wonder what the new set will bring? Why are there so many scenes at the Bistro and how the hell can people afford to eat out all of the time? What happened to the shed that was in Yasmeens backyard?

Tilly Flop said...

We also never see inside the garage conversion at the Platt's house which is now David's bedroom. We could see the kids in there with David, Lilly playing on the bed or Max chatting to David in the on a Sunday morning maybe?

Cathy said...

I have been wondering where Mary lives now. Does she still stay at Dev's? They never show her with his brats anymore. (Not that I want to see them)

Maricha said...

It's weird, I saw a floorplan of the Rovers recently and there is no room for all they're showing when you look at the building from the outside. It it was that big, the upstairs would be huge too.

Cobblestone said...

Ah yes, the Rover's mysterious Tardis Flat. That really was abusing the intelligence of viewers, especially those who remember what the upstairs looked like in the old days (under the Walkers, Bet and Jack & Vera - I knew the man who designed Annie Waljer's bedroom!) Then having inexplicably established it, to just abandon it! The explanation I'd like to advance is that it was never really there. All that's up there are a master bedroom, two smaller bedrooms and a bathroom: the Tardis Flat was a figment of Becky's troubled imagination; a physicalisation of her need for a real family home. When she departed, the illusion went with her. That's what I'm trying to convince myself if, anyway ...

David said...

The most recent appearances of the places mentioned above are:

5 Grasmere Drive (Audrey's) - 26th October 2012 (though the outside was seen on 1st February 2013)
Jamila House - 10th May 2017
3 Coronation Street (Norris's) - 23rd January 2017
10a Coronation Street (Rita's) - 13th October 2013
Red Rec - 21st October 2016

Corriegated Cardboard said...

thank you for this, how did you know?

Sarah said...

The Quays. Used to be fairly regular in the days of Mike and Alma living there, as well as Steve, Dev and Carla. I guess that was 'of a time' but it was always good to see. Remember the restaurant too - Delphines?


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