Friday, 2 December 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 2 Dec

Friday 2nd December 2016
KATE IS THE KEY TO MARIA’S FREEDOM When Kate spots a transaction for a camera on a credit card statement she realises Caz’s game. Aware that Caz is listening in via the hidden camera, Kate tells Aidan that she still loves Caz and wishes she could see her again. Aidan reckons she’s taken leave of her senses. Caz lets herself into Maria’s flat and finding Kate alone, admits she’s been eavesdropping via a hidden camera. Believing that Kate still loves her, Caz implores her to run away with her suggesting they could start a new life. Kate maintains her act whilst secretly phoning Aidan. But when Caz tries to kiss her, Kate recoils and Caz realises with horror she’s been tricked. Will Caz make her getaway before Aidan arrives with the police or is the game up for Caz?
MARY WANTS A SECOND OPINION Erica accompanies Mary to the doctors. Having examined her, the doctor confirms she’s nothing to worry about but Mary’s unconvinced and insists she has a scan, what could be playingon Mary’s mind?
WILL RANA AND ZEEDAN BE SPENDING THE DAY IN WEDDED BLISS? Has Zeedan done enough to win Rana back round with his impromptu wedding ceremony? Will they be spending their first day as a married couple or has Rana had enough of Zeedan blowing hot and cold?
ELSEWHERE Norris helps Brian to move his things into No.3 while Brian offers to cook a meal for Norris and Sean to show his appreciation. Tyrone offers a welcoming solution to a glum Freddie’s problems. As Tim has the archaeology team digging over his allotment in the search for ancient pottery, Roy watches with interest. What is Tim up to?

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Elsie Tanner said...

Please let the game be up for Caz...heartily sick of this stupid storyline which only shows the police up in an incompetent light! If I were a policeman or detective, I would be highly insulted.

And isn't it obvious what Tim is up to? Free digging of his allotment of course.

Elsie Tanner said...

Oh, and I thought everything with Rana and Zeedan was now OK.....apart from Alya being upset, what have I missed?

Tvor said...

Didn't Aidan change the locks just before Maria was arrested? How did Caz use her key?

Anonymous said...

so where is a really good continuity editor when we need one?? Too many questions with no answers - just too convenient to ignore the reality.

Tvor said...

I want to know why the police never found the camera or the bloody scissors case because both were there when they searched the flat.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Will Kate be wearing a hidden recording device any time she's in Maria's flat? Probably not.

C in Canada said...

Bye Bye Cataztrophe!

You just know once she's caught she's going to spill about everything she knows, even though the po-po know about Maria's sham marriage, Eva doesn't know about Maria and Aidan yet.

Cobblestone said...

Don't get too excited about seeing the back of Caz, people. I'd put money on her being in the same prison Maria serves her time in for the sham marriage.

John said...

I wonder if Caz faking her death, is a reference to the fact that tv lesbians have a very high body count. No wonder the weatherfield police think she's dead

Anonymous said...

Cobblestone you just ruined my day. Here I was thinking yippee the storyline will finally be put to rest. The police were definitely portrayed as incompetent to the point that I often wonder how the real police force in Salford feel about their portrayal in the show.
Considering there was a spoiler about Maria spending a year in jail (won't miss her from the show) but now you suggest she may be spending it with Caz. Now that is enough to put a real downer on my day and weekend. Yuck, double Yuck.

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