Sunday, 4 December 2016

First-look pics: Bethany tries to seduce Gary

Here are some preview pictures from the episode of Coronation Street to be shown on Monday 19 December 2016.

After downing some vodka, Bethany lets herself into Gary's hotel room and makes out she’s struggling to do up her zip. 
 Oblivious to Bethany’s ulterior motives, Gary’s happy to help.

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Anonymous said...

Oh please!

Maricha said...

You'd think doing the same thing when she chased Callum and he turned out to be a monster who wasn't even good enough for Sarah would have taught her something.
Besides, wasn't she having trouble with her marks in school? Wouldn't her time be better spent studying?
The Corrie writer seem to think that if they let characters get a solid education they couldn't keep them on the street, but why not? Professionals also have to live and work somewhere, why not on Coronation Street?

Anonymous said...

Gary is a total idiot if he thinks nothing is wrong with a teenage girl entering a man's hotel room!
As for Sarah,since she's been through this before with Bethany's crush on Callum and her own crush on mechanic Sam Kingston when she was a teenage mum,you would think that Sarah would see the signs realise what's going on with her daughter?!

Mary Calahan said...

The saga of repeated life mistakes continue on where the Platts are concerned. Sarah failing to see the signs of her daughters behavior so similar to when she was that age. Now that the bulling has stopped, Bethany's grades are better, she's developed a hero crush with Gary. I predict that rebound emotions of feeling rejected will be Bethany's next big teen mistake by having sex with an older man and getting pregnant as a result. The mother daughter relationship, Sarah and Bethany is sweet, more like sister friendship. But Sarah needs to understand she must be mom ahead of best friend especially when the age differences between the two are not far apart. This should be an interesting story. I wonder if Bethany will end up having her first time with one of the Barlow new comers. What does everyone think?

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