Sunday, 4 December 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards Nov. 28 - Dec. 2

Frank Sinatra award: Regrets, Ken's had a few, but you can't sing "too few to mention" in this case. It's his own fault he hasn't been there for Daniel and any of his other children as they grew up. Tracy is the only one who had his attention while she grew up and she's adopted.

Musical Ambiance: Fire and Rain playing while Yasmeen was on the phone talking to someone who could buy her jewelry

Arithmatic fail: Aadi knew how much half of 300 quid was but didn't know what a third was.

Parent fail award: Dev. Never takes responsibility for his children's actions. Never has. It's always been someone else's job (Sunita, Mary, Erica, or any of the other mothers of his other children, the ones he barely acknowledged) And what did he do? Laid the guilt on them.

Guilty until proven innocent award: The factory boss knew Caroline Hammond's name so knew he employed her. Why did the police not believe that Aidan saw Caz there?

Keystone Cops award: Yet again the Weatherfield Police can't manage to do their jobs, never ask the right questions, never take other people seriously.

Lines of the week:
Zeedan about the chickens "They just remind me of him (granddad)" Yasmeen "Is it the beady little eyes? Or the smell?" (good one!)
Tim "I promised Rita I'd polish her features. ... She actually asked me if I'd do a once over of her Rs. I didn't know where to look"
Dev to Erica "You're not a lone shark" Erica "Wolf."
Yasmeen "Life is full of risks, Zeedan, but some people are worth taking risks for"
Mary "The paradox of tragedy and glamour. Beauty and death."

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