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Coronation Street Weds 30th November episode review

Hiya! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review. Now that I've handed in my final assignment of the semester, I finally have my life back - for now! Apologies if this review seems shorter than usual. I had written it all up earlier today, but then technology intervened and my review vanished into the abyss! Still, I've cobbled this together. Anyway,  on Wednesday we were treated (or subjected) to an hour long trip to Weatherfield. Here we go with take two of my review...

Maria's problem is far from solved. Still banged up and firmly cementing her place in the Weatherfield One club (I think she's the third Weatherfield One now), she has a meeting with the solicitor Aidan has hired for her. He tells her that the most important thing here is that her story is confident and convincing. He points out that unfortunately to a jury, the simple truth may not always be enough. The limping-along storyline took an almost promising turn in Wednesday's episode - all built on contrived coincidence, of course - when Aidan visits old contacts and potential clients. When visiting a factory in Earlham, Aidan spots a certain murder victim who is far from dead. However, her eyes do pop out of her head when she sees him and darts out of her new workplace. Of all the knicker factories in all the town in all the world. Aidan is straight on the case, blagging his way through the factory to see the boss, initially asking for a Caroline Hammond. He's already phoned  the delightful DS McKinnon and she's on her way over. I wonder if her broomstick is fitted with a police siren. The boss of the factory is flabbergasted, his hair frizzing out more and more with each ridiculous revelation. Later on, back at the flat, Aidan is paid a visit when he's looking after Liam. DS McKinnon does her usual routine - belittling and aggressively telling Aidan off. In the most patronising of manners, she tells him that there is still no evidence and that all they are prepared to do is wait and see whether Caz turns up at her new workplace tomorrow. Not only has Not-So-Sweet Caroline stolen Maria's freedom, it would appear that she is using her identity as well. I am so glad that this storyline seems to be coming to a head. DS McKinnon gets right on my nerves. Hard faced bitch. Surely the bias and abrupt nature she perpetually displays is overdone and unprofessional? I know there's dramatic licence, but this is obviously  a licence which is permitting Corrie to drive right into pantomime land.

"Is my mum in prison?"
"Your mum's going to be back very soon
and I'm gonna do whatever it takes"

Poor Rana is still devastated about being dumped for no good reason. As we saw in Monday's episode, Zeedan decided to call off the wedding. A suddenly very pregnant Leanne notices that he has been unusually quiet at work and calls round to number 6. Once she manages to squeeze through the door, she asks Yasmeen what is going on. However, before she can provide an answer, Rana storms in and laments to her ex-future-mother-in-law. She announces candidly to Yasmeen that her grandson  has dumped her after comparing her to his cheating granddad merely because she's got a few exes. Yasmeen knows how to fix this; no shouting, no screaming. Just talking. She reserves a table at the Bistro and waits patiently for Zeedan to join her. He gives her five minutes of his time and she uses those five minutes to talk to him. She can tell that he has lost trust in everyone  since finding out about his grandfather's affair and tells him that is not the way to be. Some people are worth taking risks for, and Rana is one of those people. Along with the look on his face upon hearing this, his attitude changes almost immediately. Later that day, when Rana finishes work, she is greeted by Leanne in the surgery's waiting room. The surgery's announcement screen flashes up with a hard-boiled, sugar coated message from Zeedan in a sickly - but sweet - attempt to get her back. Leanne offers to drive her to what would have been their wedding venue and the bombshell nurse joins her, somewhat reluctantly. I don't think we've ever seen Leanne drive before, but nevertheless, the Bistro van makes a good substitute for CinderRana's pumpkin carriage. After a few words with Zeedan, she eventually agrees to marry him. Again. The only problem is - she's in her nursing rags. And that's when the Fairy Godmother (or just Rana's mother) appears with a dress for CinderRana. The pair are married in a traditional ceremony, the room swimming with romantic reds. And to top it all off, Rana gets £1000 if Zeedan splits up with her, thanks to the Muslim tradition of haq mehr. Brilliant! However, since this is a soapland wedding, it can't all be happy. At the reception in the Bistro, Alya casually wanders in - totally unaware that her best friend and her brother are now married. For some ridiculous reason, she wasn't informed that there was a possibility of reconciliation. Deeply hurt, she storms out. The wedding was lovely and very interesting to see, but I really don't see what the point of the two-day breakup before the was. Other than filling out a few scenes, it didn't really serve a purpose.

Elsewhere on Reconciliation Street, following the silly scratchcard drama with Bethany and the Alahan twins, Erica decides that she should move out of number 7. She can't deal with those kids - and who could? I'm sure a little bit of dramatic licence was borrowed again for the scratch card winnings, too. But anyway, by the end of the day she and Dev have made up and she's not going anywhere. However, it did open the door for a much more worrying drama at number 7. There was something about Mary in Wednesday's episode. Something unusual - or moreso than usual anyway! Following an order at the flower shop for a nonagenarian's birthday, she gets oddly upset and bleats about how most people don't ever get to that age. Despite being on the edge of tears, Tracy is typically unsympathetic and sends her home. Later that night, Erica invites the twins' nanny to join them for dinner. She can tell there's something wrong. In one of the best scenes of the episode, over a bottle of red, Mary confides in Erica:

"I've found a lump"

As well as all that, Our Pal Sal blindfolds her husband and drives him to a mysterious location of nature for something 'exciting', jingling the keys by his ear. After getting poor Tim' up, he is very disappointed to learn that his councillor wife has rented an allotment for him to work on. She's even roped a less-than-thrilled Faye in as punishment for stealing Pat's phone the other week. She presents him with a shovel, complete with a red bow, and tells him to get to work. However, the cheeky window cleaner has got a trick up his sleeve to outsmart his snobbish wife, involving some old junk pottery from Freddie and the Weatherfield Amateur Architectural Society. A brilliant moment of comedy occurred when Tim suggested Sally make the first cut with the shovel, her councillor title giving her VIP status. The big grin on her face when posing for a photograph is soon wiped away, when Councillor Metcalfe spectacularly tumbles backwards into dirt.  It appeared to be rather reminiscent of that 1983 episode where Bet Lynch found herself in a "flamin' cow plop"; this blogger searched all corners of the Internet for a picture of that moment, but to no avail!

A rather good episode with some good comedy moments. The CinderRana drama (I'm not letting that go) was unnecessary and a little bland, but the scene in the Bistro with Yasmeen and Zeedan was written and acted very well. Performances of the episode go to Shelley King as Yasmeen and  Patti Clare as Mary; both characters faced tribulations and their performances were candidly believable.

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C in Canada said...

Fantastic review as always! I'm glad Rana and Zeedan get hitched after all, and I love her wedding attire!

I know this is off topic, but on CBC here in Canada I watch a show called 'Murdoch Mysteries', they were playing an older episode, and who was I shocked to see in it but Chris Gascoyne!
'The Prince and the Rebel' 2008.

He was brilliant in that too!

Abercrombie said...

Great review, Jordan. Always make me smile.

coconno196 said...

The Mary and Erica scene was pure Corrie gold. Erica: "I'm not familiar enough with your breasts" - priceless.

C in Canada - I'm currently enjoying series 6 (2012) of Murdoch Mysteries on our Drama channel and I remember the Chris Gascoyne episode. He was very good, a far cry from Peter Barlow. Am liking Peter at the moment, I do hope he stays sober this time.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent review Jordan! Although the factory that Aidan visited was in Irlam, not Earlham. Keep up the good work, and enjoy your Christmas break

Anonymous said...

I was dismayed at first when it was announced that Sharif was leaving the show as I loved him & Yasmeen together. Now that he has gone I realize that it really was Yasmeen carrying the scene. I especially love the way she has handled the situation since her cheating husband has left and she conducts herself with poise, dignity and love of her grandson. Yeah may she become the matriarch of the street.
On another note I was surprised that Sally had a spanking new red car. Where did that come from? Or better yet, where does she park it when not driving, and better yet what happened to Tim's sparkling (teehee) van?

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