Monday, 5 December 2016

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 5th December

There's some festive cheer on the cobbles tonight as Tracy is kind to Mary and gives her the morning off for her hospital appointment. And then she goes and spoils it all by saying something mean about Maria. Venus De Milo (pretty but not all there), bunny boiler, damaged goods, illegally married a gay Argentinian hairdresser - these are all among her choice words. Poor Maria, she's either stuck in the salon, sweeping hair, dealing with David and listening to Audrey making her "noise", or she's having all the drama. In tonight's ep, she a) sacks her lawyer b) returns to the scene of the snog for some more sofa shenanigans with Aidan, c) faces up to the fact she might spend a year in the big house d) turns down Aidan's suggestion that they get jiggy with it in a hotel e) changes her mind and goes to meet Aidan at said hotel, only to discover he's taken Eva instead f) chews out Kate for her involvement in Maria's arrest (I cheered, reader, I cheered) g) slaps Aidan h) breaks her shoes and i) snogs Adam to make Aidan jealous. And its only Monday!

Elsewhere on the street, Peter and Ken go help Daniel clear out his spartan flat. Peter turns detective and gets Daniel to confess that he hasn't seen his mother for six years and she hasn't written, emailed, phoned or even Whatsapped her son. Ken is already outraged that Denise left ("she's a disgrace to motherhood" - hey Ken, it's Mr Pot here! I'm saying mean things about the kettle!) and so Peter doesn't tell him the truth. If they want to find Denise, they just need to take a Transpennine service from Piccadilly to Hotton and then get a bus to Emmerdale.

Mary is given the all clear at the hospital and Norris is keen to celebrate - seeing as Dev said he'd buy champagne. Mary is still not happy though and Erica discovers that Mary's bucket list is actually a ring binder of clippings featuring one Maureen Nuttall, whom Erica suspects is Mary's mother, but Mary doesn't 'fess up one way or the other. Curiouser and curiouser.

Over in the cafe, Alex awaits a five o'clock delivery from his mother, which turns out to be - his mother. Yay, the Loch Nessa Monster is back! And she's not been there five minutes before she's sniffing around a new fella, in this case Brian ("such a masculine name"), and he's sniffing around her too, like Kirk after a bacon barm. Roy has a stress-rash, Cathy is stress eating, but I'm already enjoying this potential Corrie comedy gold coupling.

And finally, Rana tries to play matchmaker 'twixt Alya and Zeedan, but Zeedan, despite turning up to the rencontre, has no interest in making up and tells Alya to leave town. However, after a drink with
Kate, who today is wearing what appears to be a Hungarian folk dancing jacket, suggests that Alya moves into her spare room. I look forward to them out-self-righteoussing each other.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Maureen Nuttall won't be Mary's mother. Maureen to Mary, not that much difference in the name so I'm guessing she's Mary in a former life There are clippings but not sure if I saw a photo in the folder. Btw, isn't it handy that characters leave their most private possessions for anyone to see but let's not be picky. Clippings are usually about grim events so Maureen abandoned her son and went on the run, reinventing herself? Maybe her mother sent her the clippings.

Anonymous said...

Maria has got a stonking left hook on her. I saw Aidan's head recoil after she slapped him

Anonymous said...

i'm guessing she was raped--hence the child and the shame and angst around him. agree Maureen is Mary.

Sophie Bird said...

A Maureen could have a Mary as a child. I know a Helen with a daughter called Ellen. (Incidentally if her son had been a girl he would have been called Erin!) Nowt as queer as folk.

Sophie Bird said...

A Maureen could have a Mary as a child. I know a Helen with a daughter called Ellen. (Incidentally if her son had been a girl he would have been called Erin!) Nowt as queer as folk.

Anonymous said...

How much longer are we going to have to put up with the Maria pity train?

She doesn't seem to have any self awareness that her life is a mess because the decisions she has made.

Would it have hurt Maria to at least thank Kate for helping catch Caz last week & help free her. It was a bit much of her to say that Kate was responsible for attracting a nutter like Caz (Though I do wonder if she was subconciouslly thinking about herself when she said this).

Louby said...

I'm surprised that I'm pleased to see Nessa. I hope she doesn't stay long, but while she's here, could be very funny.

Daniel is great. I hope the character continues to be deep and mysterious and doesn't just turn into the average bloke.

Mary, interesting to see what happens. As for Aiden, Maria, Alya etc, just utterly dull.

coconno196 said...

What spare room? I thought Kate shared a flat (Carla's?) with Johnny.

I like Daniel too (Adam not so much), but if he's had no contact with Denise since he was 12, what's he been living on? I also find it unlikely that he and Denise lived in a rented flat. Didn't she own a hairdressing business?

Appalling that Erica went through Mary's papers no matter how good her intentions, though more fool Mary for leaving them lying around.

Flo said...

@coconno196 I think Kate still lives in the flat that they all originally shared when they first came (If I remember correctly, it's Lloyd's old flat). Johnny is living in Carla's old place and Aidan is living at the place that Eva used to share with Leanne. Good grief, it's hard keeping where everyone lives straight sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is Maria an alarming shade of orange in that photo? Has she been told by TPTB to amp up her fake tan a la Tina?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the suntan you can get behind bars - but I thought it would have vertical striрes :)

joanne taylor said...

Im loving the new improved Peter Barlow but a tiny part of me is wondering if he came back because he got in a mess with a married woman who just might be Toyah whos left her hubby because she was having an affair?
Anythings possible in soapland and it would make a good storyline, an affair with the ex wifes stepsister (i think) I've confused myself now.