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Saturday 11 June 2016

Corrie weekly update - with a cup of hot Vimto

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Soap schedules take second place to football for the coming weeks. This means we only had three episodes of Corrie this week. So it might seem a bit shorter than normal, as the bishop said to the actress.  And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Simon returns to the street after having been missing in action for a few weeks from the Street. He’s been staying at his dad’s place in Portsmouth. Leanne brings Simon, and his personality transplant, back to the flat where Simon trundles on about the merits of mustard with a ham sandwich. He’s all sweetness and light after being sent to stay with Peter and Simon brings back news that Peter’s grown a beard.  

At the flat, Eva fills Leanne in on all the news from the Bistro. Leanne determines to help Nick get the place back, even though it’s been sold to Robert.  Robert says he has no obligation to hand the place back to Nick  as he didn’t know Tracy gave him the money to pay for it by blackmailing Carla.  Nick and Leanne go into the Bistro in the hope that they can persuade Robert to sell Nick the Bistro back.  All that Robert does is offer Nick a job. Leanne takes it on herself to get livid on Nick’s behalf.

Over at the Rovers, Will’s girlfriend Saskia storms in to the back room to give Michelle a piece of her mind. Will follows sheepishly behind her, while Steve wants to know what the heck is going on.  Anyway, it all comes out, as you knew it would. There’s a big fight, tears, arguing, and then Steve moans to Tim in the cab office.  As the two men are chatting about what to do, in comes Will and Tim tackles him on behalf of Steve, who’s got a bad arm.   Steve and Michelle have a big falling-out and there’s a lovely delicate comedy scene when Maria comes into the Rovers to console her sister-in-law. “You’re the victim, here,” she tells Michelle in a smashing little scene that made me smile. When Maria’s given the right words, the right story, she’s great. 
Now then, bear with me on this bit, it might get complicated. Last week Sarah confided in Todd that she felt responsible for Callum’s death. Todd took this to mean that Sarah killed Callum, even though she didn’t, it was Kylie who killed him.  Wanting to protect Sarah, Todd tells the cops that Jason’s dad Tony killed Callum after Tony beat up Jason. Todd’s quizzed by the cops who pick holes in his confession. But Eileen starts believing Todd’s lies and tells Jason that his dad Tony had it in him to commit murder.  Billy the vicar is drawn into this after Todd confesses what he thinks Sarah’s told him about her being the murderer, when she wasn’t.  And when Billy hears that Todd’s told the cops that Tony was the killer, Billy knows that Todd’s protecting Sarah.   It’s all good fun, in a kind of Chuckle Brothers way. To you. To me. To you. To me. 

Later, Todd spies Billy’s brother Lee heading up the ginnel and follows him. He finds Lee laid unconscious by the bins and he rings Billy, who’s having tea in the Bistro with Sean. Billy rushes out to see Todd and they take Lee to the hospital and when they get back to the Street, Sean spies the two men hugging. 

With Sally away in London visiting Rosie, Tim starts brewing his own beer and sets up a microbrewery in the conservatory. Ooh, Sally won’t be pleased when she finds out. Tim ropes in young Craig to help him brew the beer and Craig nicks a couple of bottles of Brew-Ha-Ha and ends up with a stinking hangover. When Beth finds out what’s gone on, she storms over to give Tim what for but is bribed to keep it all quiet from Sally when Sophie gives her free bottles of beer.

And finally this week Andy Carver returned from Brighton.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Tvor said...

Re Maria and Michelle. It made me chuckle. Michelle has basically ignored Maria's presence for the most part for years but now that Carla's gone, Maria is her new BFF and confidante. I do like Maria and as you say, when they actually give her something to do, she's quite good.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was ironic that Maria was sympathetic to Michelle when Michelle condoned her brother's Liam's who was married to Maria at the time affair with Carla and I think even encouraged Liam to leave Maria for Carla after Maria suffered a stillbirth pregnancy.
I am getting tired of female characters who have affairs or flings being portrayed as the 'victims' when they're caught.

Anonymous said...

Maria is the new 'Carla-Lite' for Michelle, as she was also 'Michelle-Lite' for the рotential raрe (groрing) scene when Kim Marsh left on maternity leave. Maria is not carla or michelle - it just doesn't work for me

Anonymous said...

But Anon 16:17 - - Michelle did NOT have an affair.

Anonymous said...

Anon[18;09]Michelle did flirt with her client's fiancée and telling Steve that he should be 'grateful' that she didn't go all the way with Will while gloating to Saskia how Will wanted her,didn't exactly make her a 'victim' either.
I bet if the roles were reversed,Steve would be tar and feathered for cheating on Michelle hence my annoyance of the writers double standard with affairs,it's 'okay' for female characters to cheat but not male characters


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