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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Pics: Jason Grimshaw's best bits on Coronation Street

So, farewell then, Jason Grimshaw.  You're off next week to pastures new and good luck to you wherever you may go.

Time then, to take a look back at Jason's 16 years on Coronation Street.  He was involved in some really great storylines such as the...

Wedding to Sarah - eventually. He escaped out of the loo window in the church the first time they tried to get married.
 He won Mr Gay Weatherfield.

Attended the Joey Tribbiani School of Acting.

 Had no problem with elf-esteem.

 Was never very far from his mum.

 Was handy with the plumbing.

Reunited with his dad.

And he liked to take his top off. A lot.

Will anyone actually miss Jason?

I'm not sure I will but I am looking forward to the changing dynamics chez Grimshaw once he's gone.

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Tvor said...

I always liked Jason. I miss the days when he and Kirk and Tyrone were best mates. Also, another memory that stands out for me was when he found a battered Toyah in the ginnel after being raped. He was scared and way out of his comfort zone but he was gentle with her and took her straight home.

Anonymous said...

No, he won't be missed. I wish him all the luck in the world though, he's going to need it.

abbyk said...

For a character who is supposed to be dumber than a brick, Jason has been capable of great character insight and kindness. I will miss him, hope he returns for a visit, and wish Ryan luck.

Flo said...

I laughed out loud at the Joey comment, that was perfect!

I don't know if I'll miss him or not. I think after the way his story ended with Eva, he was left with no real story until recently. Maybe he will come back to visit like Todd did.

Anonymous said...

I think his biggest contribution to the show was in stud services. He deflowered Candice, Ayla and who knows who else. He so impressed Mrs Fanshaw that she came back in disguise as Carla Connor.Yes he bedded all the nubile ones but there was no woman too old (Stella Price) or too strange (Gail Platt) when duty called.

Anonymous said...

These days, I really don't care if any of the characters leave. The show is at such a low point, any change is a good thing.

C in Canada said...

I also laughed at the Joey comment! Well played!
I will definitely miss Jason - and I agree with the above that although he's a bit thick, he's always been kind when it counts, and that counts for a lot.
I'll miss Mr. Gay Weatherfield and his topless moments too! lol

Joseph said...

Jason's been on Corrie for as long as I've been watching so it's gonna be weird without him. I've never had any strong feelings on the character and I don't think Ryan Thomas has much in the way of acting (except recently since he's stepped it up in my opinion after Tony's death) but he's always been there with a dim look on his face and no top. Missing him is a strong phrase for it but it'll take me a while to adjust.


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