Saturday, 25 June 2016

This week's Corrie - The good, the not-too-bad and the ugly

Overall this was a good week on Coronation Street. The main focus was Sarah's breakdown with some really powerful performances from Tina O'Brien and Daniel Brocklebank, with Paula Lane, Jack P. Shepherd and even Lucy Fallon as Bethany who has really come into her own, I feel.

The slide into paranoia and mania for poor Sarah felt very real and was heartbreaking to watch, especially when Lee had her by the waist in a replay of Callum's attack. Her worst nightmare come true. Even a stable person would have flipped a bit with that sort of thing happening.

The Not-too-bad included Beth and Kirk's storyline and some of the Roy and Cathy conflict, which, frankly, slid into the ugly pool in part. The McDonald marriage woes wallowed in the deep end of that pool.  I'm sorry to say I really don't care about this couple. Add to that, the creepy inspector who looks like he should be piloting Thunderbird One instead of a panda car and you've got this week on Coronation Street.

I've written more about it in detail on State of the Street

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Louby said...

Lucy Fallon was brilliant. My best scene was when David was saying goodbye to Kylie and Max as if he was not going to be seeing them again for some time, at least not outside a prison. Powerful stuff without any shouting.

(Thunderbird 2 I think!)

maggie muggins said...

What I found odd about the creepy inspector was that he never said one word! Did anyone catch him saying anything over the arc of this story?

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