Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 8 June

Wednesday 8th June
TODD’S IN THE FRAME The police call at No.11 to question Todd and suggest to Todd that perhaps he, Tony and Jason conspired to kill Callum between them. Todd’s shocked to realise he’s now in the frame for murder. Eileen tentatively points out to Jason that Tony loved him very much and when he said he wanted revenge on Callum perhaps he meant murder. His guilt weighing heavily, Billy tells Todd he’s considering telling the police the truth. Todd begs him to think twice as in doing so he’d destroy Sarah’s life.
SEAN’S ROCKED BY BILLY AND TODD As Sean and Billy settle down to a cosy lunch in the bistro, Billy gets a call from Todd telling him he’s found Lee unconscious in the ginnel. Billy heads out clearly worried and Sean’s fuming to find himself playing second fiddle yet again. Todd helps Billy with Lee and Billy’s anguish is evident. Todd tells him how sorry he is and gives him a comforting hug. Sean watches from a distance, stunned.
STEVE CAN’T ACCEPT MICHELLE’S ‘INFIDELITY’ Michelle laments to Eva that Steve can barely look at her, let alone talk to her. In the cab office, Steve confides in Tim how he can’t get thoughts of Michelle with Will out of his head. Michelle begs Steve to forgive her but Steve remains cold, telling her he doesn’t want a wife he has to forgive. Hearing their row, Amy’s upset and Steve comforts her.
ELSEWHERE When Craig admits he’s hungover and he got the beer from Tim, Beth’s furious. Beth tears a strip off Tim for allowing Craig to help himself to his home brew. When Beth threatens to tell Sally about the goings on at No.4, Tim buys her silence with free beer. With Leanne gone, Robert’s short-staffed and snaps at Andy, Steph and Zeedan.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt Michelle would be so forgiving to Steve if the roles were reversed but he's not allowed to be hurt?!
The only two victims in this are Steve and Saskia not Michelle despite her claims to that affect.
I think the only reason Michelle stopped was not because of Steve but because she saw a picture of Saakia and was afraind she would find the two of them together and tell Steve.Otherwise I think Michelle would've gone all the way so do speak with Will.

Anonymous said...

You'd think Michelle had banged Will five times to Friday the way Steve is acting. I guess this is supposed to be serious business but it really is quite the joke considering Steve's history. He's such a dog. How old are they anyway?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - storylines written by 12 year olds to make everyone act like them :(

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