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Monday 20 June 2016

The brilliance of Tina O'Brien in her role as Sarah Platt

Tina O'Brien, in her role as Sarah Platt is, currently, head and shoulders above the rest of the cast in her acting, with the one possible exception of Daniel Brocklebank.

Ever since Sarah became involved with Callum: his murder, her discovery that she was pregnant, the birth of Harry, the consequent post partum psychosis - through all of this we have had the pleasure of witnessing real acting talent from her.

In Sunday's episode we saw that Sarah is now convinced, despite his funeral, that Callum is alive. She sits staring at the television, the wall, out onto the street, all the while demonstrating the depth of her conviction that, in fact, Callum is alive and will soon be at her door seeking revenge on her, Kylie and David. In addition, for all we know, Sarah may also fear that Callum will want to abduct  baby Harry. After all, he has lost one of his children, Max, and may not wish to lose another. All these anxieties may well be hurtling around Sarah's head, but as she is barely communicating with anyone, it is hard to be sure.

Kylie and David, especially Kylie are concerned about her and so is Gail, but only in a gentle way. David will now be more concerned though after Sarah told him that Callum is still alive.

What will happen to Sarah now? Surely David and Kylie will want to keep a close eye on her for fear that she will say something too revelatory concerning Callum. But Sarah's mind has become dangerously unbalanced and no doubt she needs some treatment. David though will contest such a decision, again because he doesn't trust her to keep Callum's murder under wraps even if Sarah is saying that Callum is still alive. Confusing!

Whatever happens in the storyline, I am completely impressed by Tina O'Brien's acting. She is yet young so may get even better. I just hope she sticks around; though with the convincing intensity of her performances, it may prove hard to keep her on the cobbles.

Ruth Owen, twitter @Ruth1722

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CK said...

I couldn't agree more. I remember also seeing her in an episode of 'Call the Midwife'. I'm impressed!

njblas said...

I agree, her acting is fantastic. I've always liked her as Sarah. BUT - the whole storyline is dragging on and on without seeming to get anywhere. I can't wait till it's over!

abbyk said...

Add me to Team Sarah. Don't like the story, but Tina is killing it with a believable, compelling emotional breakdown.

Unknown said...

The whole storyline is now boring and dragging on - get it over with and let's get back to some vintage Corrie

Princessmaryjanekoa said...

Loving Sarah's story line and Tina at the moment. My favourite character on the show and my favourite story line, by a long way. I'm glad to see Tina is finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Rapunzel said...

Great acting and a nice twist on this long-running story

Tvor said...

I've been enjoying the story as well and Yes totally agree that Tina is knocking it out of the park.

C in Canda said...

I was never so glad as when I heard Sarah was coming back, I always liked her character. She's doing brilliantly.
I wonder - if in her psychosis she unwittingly reveals that Kylie is the murderer? That's my speculation.

Flo said...

I think she has done a terrific job with this story line. I bet she will be glad when it's over with though, that has to be hard to do.

Anonymous said...

Although I was sceptical of her return,I admit I am impressed with Tina's acting with this storyline which is dragging on way too long.
I hope Sarah does get the help she needs and isn't instantly 'cured' the moment Kylie is arrested.Since her intent to date Callum was to cause trouble for David,I don'r want to see Sarah standing there with a smug smile on her face should Kylie be arrested for killing Callum to save her and seeing how upset her brother and their children would be seeing Kylie taken away.


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