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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Gary and Izzy back together in Coronation Street?

Aw, man.

I got all excited when I saw this picture from the previews of next week's Coronation Street.  Regular readers of the Coronation Street Blog will know that Gary and Izzy are one of my favourite couples in the show and I'd love nothing more than the two of them to get back together. 

So, when I saw this preview picture of them two of them kissing in Izzy's flat, my heart melted. Finally, they're reunited, I thought.

But it looks like I might be wrong.

The previews for next week say that as Izzy prepares for her sentencing, Gary does his best to comfort her. Overcome with emotion, Izzy kisses Gary and he kisses her back.

So far, so good.

But then the preview says that Izzy suggests she and Gary get back together. Not wishing to dash her hopes, Gary agrees it's a possibility. Izzy, Gary and Anna arrive at court, and Gary and Anna listen in horror as Izzy receives a two-month prison sentence. Gary admits to Anna that he and Izzy kissed and he's worried that she's read too much into it and got her hopes up. Izzy sits alone in a prison cell, scared and upset.

Aw, man.

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Anonymous said...

Meh. Izzy is relatively pointless and whatever happened to their miracle child that they both so desperately wanted but now rarely have anything to do with?

Anonymous said...

I find her pointless and irritating. Gary is, too.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Izzy's outburst in court seemed out of character, especially as she would have 'played the game' (Gary's words) in order to be with her child. I wonder if the storyline will go that Izzy spends a short time in prison dreaming up a fantasy future with Gary. When he later rejects her, she feels that she has nothing left in Weatherfield and goes off with child to join her father.

C in Canada said...

Izzy's not 'playing the game' at all, and hasn't been for some time. She's done her best to butt heads with anyone who disagrees with her.
She needs to learn how to use more velvet glove and less angry petulance.

Rapunzel said...

Better Gary and Izzy than him and Alya. I sighed with frustration a couple of weeks ago when there was a scene with him and Alya that appeared to be a thawing and possible spark. Please writers, do not attempt to breathe life into that corpse of a relationship.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Flaming Nora - I love Gary and Izzy together.

70sStreetFan said...

No!!! They're a very improbable couple. There's no chemistry there at all. Izzy needs to go to live with either Owen or Katy. She offers nothing to the programme.

Anonymous said...

These two are poster children for why surrogacy is a bad idea. I used to cringe when Tina wanted to keep the baby and these two plods went on and on about they loved each other would be good parents. People who self destruct deserve sympathy but not when they involve an innocent new life. These two should be banned from getting back together.

Anonymous said...

I wish Gary and Izzy would both leave, don't like either of them.

Anonymous said...

I have never liked Izzy and can take or leave Gary. Wouldn't be sad if the pair of them left.

C in Canada said...

Gary's great, and definitely an asset to the show, but I also find Izzy pointless like so many others. She's just the token physically handicapped character.


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