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Saturday 11 June 2016

Got a Phelan about the future of Coronation Street

Admittedly, I haven't felt as engaged as usual re all things Corrie. The 'big week' was fun enough but like a good Chinese takeaway, you're left with hunger pangs after the main event.

Like many, I was sad to see Carla go. An iconic character? I think so. Carla may have weathered many a storm down the years but it was definitely time for her to go.

As for the Platt shenanigans? A dismissive 'whatever' comes to mind. We seem to have been living with this storyline for several centuries. Even the EU referendum debate is starting to look like more of a palatable drama than the goings on at number eight. On it drags then, leading the way in a sea of 'summat and nowt' early summer sagas; Michelle's self-righteous indignation, Steve's gurning response, Amy becoming Tracy Two, Sinead's humdrum love life, Izzy heading for Cell Block H. Ho-hum.

Waiting in the wings though, there is the feeling of a storyline to come. A hint of evil autumn mists perhaps a-closing in on t'cobbles. 2016 has witnessed the rise and  . . . well, rise of Pantomime Pat, the current embodiment of cackling comedy evil.

Bit by bit he is dismantling the lives of Street residents for his own personal gain. However, this is Corrie and baddies don't win out forever. Eventually there has to be a reckoning. Which makes me wonder - will viewers be treated to the 'Death of Pat Phelan'? Within a few months there could be a number of people with murder on their minds, particularly when it transpires how cruelly he has manipulated the Grimshaws.

I'll bet you Jackson's chippy to a hairnet that before long, Phelan will have mysteriously fallen down a flight of stairs, felled by one of Todd's witty one liners. Or perhaps he'll hurl himself off t'faktry roof, driven to distraction by Sean's constant yapping. Or maybe Eileen of the Miseries will wreak her awful revenge on the man who ripped the House of Grimshaw asunder. Which, wonderfully, could lead to Eileen being hauled off to prison. Curtains for Eileen? Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I wish I could agree that baddies don't win out forever. Tracy Barlow seems to have survived OK and the same people who say she's a character you love to hate (until you get bored rigid, of course) may feel the same about Phelan. I'm not engaging with the Phelan storyline, mainly because he's been paired with Eileen who, in recent years, has become very unlikeable. Also, we know Jason is leaving the Street so it could be that Phelan takes over the yard. He could become the resident baddie boss like Mike Baldwin was. Except Phelan doesn't have Mike's charm to offset the villainy and he doesn't have any vulnerability. Nothing to look forward to there. My prediction for the Street is a senior resident's funeral and the subsequent fall-out.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,I think the only reason Tracy has survived through the years is because she's a member of the Barlows,a core family whereas Pat Phelan doesn't have that luxury.
Like Jenny's father Alan Bradley who did get his comeuppance, I would like to think so will Phelan
After years of joining the mob rule when other characters were falsely accused of crimes they didn't commit, perhaps Eileen will find herself in that situation if Phelan is murdered.

Unknown said...

Why does Corrie over do everything? Amy was great with a few witty one-liners. Now she's just like her mum. Sally's hints of snobbery were fantastic but now she's become very full-on.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Phelan is going to die but he's definitely in for a huge downfall.

I can see him figuring out that Kylie is behind Callum's death and "saving" Jason and his family, cementing him as gold in their eyes before he cleans them out.

Lily Bigfield said...

Wonderful post, David, which had me chortling at your brilliant turn of phrase. I love Phelan the evil, insidious villain, he is fun. By the rules of soap he will get his comeuppance, and until then I will enjoy his dastardly doings.

MartesBC said...

I hear you Joseph B. It's the subtleties that work... Otherwise it does get ruined. Ruination Street. So many grim storylines these days that it's starting to be like watching the news.:'(

Anonymous said...

I don't mind sad, grim storylines. What i mind are pointless, poorly thought out plots.


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