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Sunday 12 June 2016

First-look pics: Sarah taken hostage in Coronation Street

Here are some preview pictures of Coronation Street to be shown on Sunday 19 June 2016.

In the corner shop, Sarah bumps into Lee and tells him that she’s desperate to see Billy. Claiming that Billy is on his way round, Lee lures Sarah back to his bedsit. Whilst Sarah waits anxiously for Billy, Lee steals Sarah’s phone from her bag and calls Billy. Lee informs Billy he’s holding Sarah hostage and will release her in return for £1k.

Billy’s horrified. Having explained Sarah’s predicament, Billy recruits Todd and David to check out some addresses in search of Lee while he tries to raise the cash. As jittery Sarah waits for Billy, Lee fuels her fears by insisting that Callum’s still alive. Sarah’s terrified, her worst nightmare apparently confirmed. Sarah attempts to make a run for it but Lee grabs her and they wrestle on the floor. Reminded of her ordeal at the hands of Callum, Sarah breaks down and Lee realises she’s mentally unstable.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds utterly dreadful. Corrie is being destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Lovin your positivity

Anonymous said...

Not much to be рositive about until Blackburn gets his Р45!

Anonymous said...

Any idea when that is? He seems to have been leaving forever?

Cobblestone said...

He's already gone, but it will still take months for his storylines to play out on screen. Regrettably.

Cobblestone said...

Telling, rather than Showing, is the epitome of poor storytelling, and that's what's completely undermining this Lee character. We, the audience, along with Todd, were told about him by Billy, but we have yet to see any meaningful scenes between them, other than Lee demanding money. There may be cogent reasons why Billy doesn't want to tell Sean about him ( maybe he's violently homophobic, in a way that would elicit an historical over-reaction from Sean - no, don't laugh; it could happen! ) My point though is that there have been no meaningful scenes between Billy & Lee (how about one at the hospital, after Lee came round from his overdose and realised Billy & Todd had saved him. How would he react? Shocked at what so nearly happened and grudgingly grateful? Angry at having to be grateful to Billy? Resentful and despairing that he didn't let him die? At least there would be some sort of communication shown between the characters). This is the sort of scene that provides the raw meat of drama, but instead the opportunity was ignored for a chance hug with Todd on a street corner that would inevitably have to be witnessed by lurking Sean). Without meaningful scenes between the estranged brothers, we really don't care about Lee, who remains a two-dimensional, cardboard cut-out. The actor is pretty much the most over-used extra in Soap. Billy, we do know, because we've seen his character developed, and I for one like him very much. It's great he's getting his own storyline, but such a shame it's so poorly thought out and presented.

Tvor said...

Cobblestone, excellent analysis!

Anonymous said...

Very hard to be positive about another kidnapping type stunt. Cobblestone sums it all up well.
The Blackburn era has been the worst since the Des Barnes shooting era for me.

Anonymous said...

Cobblestone,I also loved your analysis and agree that sadly instead of delving into Billy's relationship with his brother,Lee is instead used as an excuse for yet another 'sensational'storyline for the Platts and to insult to injury another hostage storyline[which has been done three times before]for Sarah.
I wonder if this will lead to Sarah breaking down and finally revealing what happened the night Callum died?


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