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Monday 27 June 2016

Meet the new hunks of Coronation Street

I thought long and hard before writing this blog post because I think it probably says a lot more about me than it does about Coronation Street!   Ladies of a certain age up and down the country - and some men too - have a new wave of Corrie hunks.  Well, without Peter Barlow, what's a girl to do?

And so, for your delectation, here are the men who rank up there as the current Coronation Street hunks.
Derek Griffiths as Freddie Smith. Leather-clad and drives a motorbike. Has yet to show his true colours towards Audrey and invite her out properly for a drink which she's going to accept and fall in love with the best looking fella she's ever dated.

Richard Hawley as Johnny Connor. Rugged on the outside, smoothie on the inside. A proper softie. The sort of fella you can just imagine smelling of Brut 33. And has a good-looking son in Aidan Connor too.

And Connor McIntyre as Pat Phelan.  As evil as they come and very watchable too.

Are there any more men you'd add to the list of current male-totty on the Street?

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Tvor said...

Can't think of anyone else but I'll heartily second Richard Hawley/Johnny Connor.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add Luke Britton and Norris to the list.
In their separate ways they also care about other people whereas Peter just cares about himself.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree with you about Johnny, Aidan and even Freddie, but Phelan - never! The serious flaw in that character is the fact that he is only repellent. Soap scoundrels are supposed to have sexual charisma - if that's the right expression - but Phelan has been written and is played without charm or humour. A great villain but not a hunk. Perhaps Phelan's mate will be added to the list.

Anonymous said...

Phelan as totty? Puh-leeze! I'm with you on the other two though.

Catsmom said...

I would add the actor who plays Robert and definitely remove Phelan, he looks ugly to me.

Catsmom said...

Not sure about Richard Hawley; he looks like he could be the British Walter Mathau (along with the actor who plays the husband on As Time Goes By).

Dolly Tubb said...

Tim! He has a wicked grin that makes me go a wee bit weak at the knees. Phelan no, probably because we know his true colours. Johnnie and Freddie I could happily share a cheeky bottle of red with though :)

Laura said...

I second Tim. Best looking guy on the street right now. Great sense of humour, kind, loyal, great smile, and content with what he has. Being laid back enough to put up with Sally is no small feat either! :)

Flo said...

I love Freddie, I wish they would give him more of a storyline. I agree with the others who mentioned Tim too, he's one of the best characters on the show. Not wild about the Michelle and Steve storyline, but if we get to see more of Tim and Steve's bromance, then so be it!

Anonymous said...

Flaming Nora! Flaming Nora. Phelan? Better go to Specsavers.

Anonymous said...

Phelan wins the Quasimodo award.

Anonymous said...

PHELAN IS GROSS!!!! QUASIMODO IS RIGHT LOL�� no way should he be ranked at all on this lis!

Anonymous said...

Lynne from Ottawa -- I saw Richard Hawley on D.I. Banks last weekend. I think he's a great addition to the show.


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