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Monday 6 June 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 6 June

Monday 6th June
STEVE IS ROCKED BY A BOMBSHELL When Steve suggests Amy should have her tea at Tracy’s and start building some bridges, Amy bunks off school and returns home in a foul mood. She confides in Michelle that Sam’s dumped her on the grounds she’s horrible like her mother. In the Rovers backyard, Michelle assures Amy that Will was her first boyfriend and means nothing to her now as she loves Steve. Amy apologises and they hug. As Steve and Michelle share a tender kiss in the back room, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Will and Saskia. Clearly fired up, Saskia has an accusation to make.
TODD HAS SOME INFORMATION FOR THE POLICE Billy puts pressure on Todd to do the right thing and tell the police about Sarah’s confession. Hungover Sarah tries to remember how much she told Todd. Todd goes to the police station and makes a statement. He tells the police that Tony Stewart killed Callum Logan and confessed to the murder months ago. Todd arrives home and announces that he’s been to the police and reported Tony for Callum’s murder. Eileen, Jason and Billy listen in stunned silence.
LEANNE IS WORRIED ABOUT NICK Leanne and Simon return from Portsmouth. Eva tells Leanne about Nick and Carla’s disastrous wedding and how Tracy blackmailed the money out of Carla to buy the bistro. Leanne’s shocked and worried for Nick. Leanne calls at Nick’s flat and is horrified at his dishevelled state. She vows to help him win back the bistro from Robert. Leanne confronts Robert and asks him if he’d be willing to sell Nick his share of the bistro back.
ELSEWHERE Tim furtively flogs bottles of home brew from the conservatory to his mates. When Sophie calls round, Tim refuses to let her in, leaving Sophie suspicious. Fearing for her job, Izzy confides in Johnny that she’s up in court next week for assaulting a police officer. Johnny’s sympathetic, gives her a week off on full pay and insists her job is safe. Izzy’s touched.

Monday 6th June
STEVE’S WORLD IS SHAKEN TO THE CORE Michelle assures Steve that she realised her mistake and never actually had sex with Will. Devastated, Steve orders Will and Saskia out of the pub. In the cab office, Steve confides in Tim how Michelle cheated on him with Will while he was recuperating in Spain. Tim’s sympathetic. Will calls in the cab office and promises Steve that after a roll around on the bed, Michelle got cold feet. Because an incensed Steve has hurt his arm, Tim comes to his aid and punches Will and the two men wrestle. Steve returns home where Michelle has her own accusations to make.
TENSIONS ERUPT BETWEEN THE BROTHERS GRIMSHAW Jason’s disbelieving as Todd explains how Tony confessed to Callum’s murder but made him swear he’d keep schtum. Eileen warns Todd that he’d better be telling the truth. Billy glares at Todd, appalled at his lies. Will Jason believe Todd? Todd relates the same story to David and tells him he’s told the police everything. David’s gobsmacked. David shares his information with Kylie and Sarah and suggests they back up Todd’s story as it’s their only hope. Billy confronts Todd demanding to know why he lied to the police. Todd insists he did the right thing protecting both Jason and Sarah. How will Billy react?
LEANNE LAYS IT ON THE LINE By way of a compromise, Robert offers Nick a job at the bistro working with Leanne as co-manager. Nick’s unimpressed and Leanne tells Robert if that’s the best he can come up with, she’s quitting her job.
ELSEWHERE Tim takes Steve back to No.4 to reveal his homemade pub, The Sponge & Bucket. Stuffing a couple of bottles in his own pocket, Craig serves Steve some craft ale.

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Anonymous said...

So is this why Tony was killed offscreen, to be the fall guy for Callum's murder?Granted Tony was no saint but Todd destroying his name and his brother's memory of his father to protect Sarah is unacceptable!I also doubt Jason would sell out Todd's father that way!
As for Sarah,she probably couldn't care less!

Anonymous said...

After Steve finds out about her and Will,Michelle has her own accusations against Steve?!How convient!
In the past when a female character has an affair,she's portrayed as the 'victim'[Kylie comes to mind after her one night stand with Nick].I hope we're not seeing that with Michelle.

CK said...

That male police detective looks like Zoolander!

Rapunzel said...

Did anyone else find the Steve/Michelle/Will storyline a bit difficult to follow. From Michelle's perspective it ran like a tragedy but from Steve's perspective, it seemed more like a comedy.


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